Welcome.  My name is Scott.... from Scotland.... and I would like to welcome you to Audiophile ON.  Since its creation in 2012 Audiophile On has been working hard to bring to light some of the best portable audio gear on the planet.  What do we mean by portable audio gear?  Well our site looks aims to bring you reviews of some the best headphones amplifiers, DAC's and DAP's.  In fact pretty much anything audio related we are into.  The site started off small but has now grown to have 30,000+ visitors per month and 10,000+ followers on social media, most of whom that are fans, just like me, of high end sound. 

AudiophileON is here to bring you up to date informative and untainted coverage of some of the most incredible audio products in the world and to helping you achieve a higher level of audio fidelity.  There is something inspirational when you hear a song and its sounds just right.  Your relax. Your worries slide to insignificance. You just lay back and enjoy the melodies.  So lets help you get there.

If you are a buyer looking for advice, want to know how to get started in the hobby or just want a chat feel free to message us on FB or Twitter.  I'm always happy to help.

If you are a company that wants to have your product reviewed or if you want to advertise on the Audiophile ON site please contact me directly via email: scott@audiophilon.com

Happy listening everyone!!!


Scott Burnside



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