Here at Audiophile On we have taken steps to ensure the safety of our readers information in compliance with new GDPR rules.

To go even further we now have updated the site to remove the mailing list and erased all data from said lists.  From now on if you want to stay up to date with the latest news from our site please feel free to check out our Social Media feeds.

We have removed a number of applications that could possibly retain cookie information on you and right we only intend to use cookies set by us for analytical purposes and will be seeking to remove any information from that which may be able to identify you as an individual (IP address etc).

We are of course a participant in the Amazon affiliate program so we want you to know outright that some links on our site may send you to sites that set a cookie on your device.  These site have the responsibility to also inform you of any cookies being set.

Whilst we do not have the obligation to apply any of these measures to readers outside the EU we believe in being consistent in the application. Therefore starting 25/05/18 the above will be applied to all visitors to our site no matter where in the world you are.

Many thanks and happy readying.