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The 1More Triple Driver - We reviewed this exciting in-ear headphone that sounds amazing and costs under $100.

The 1more Triple Driver earphones just might be the most requested IEM for review I have had in 2017.  I must admit I was a little slow in getting this one done as they have been sitting around the office since late last year.  You guys kept pushing though so finally here it is a quick and to the point review of the 1More Triple Driver earphones.

What is the 1 More Triple Driver?

The Triple Driver is, unsurprisingly, a set of triple-driver earbuds from a fairly new company called 1More.  The have been making big waves with this model and it seems to have become quite the hit with budget audiophiles and average consumers alike.

The driver setup on the Triple Driver utilizes a pair of balanced armature drivers (BA) and 1 Dynamic Driver (DD) unit making them a hybrid set of earphones.  Hybrid technology has come a long way in the past few years and you now get the benefits of the detailed BA response coupled with the usually larger low-end grunt via the dynamic drivers bigger diaphragm.  It's a best of both worlds scenario.

What makes these earbuds so interesting, is the price.  The 1More Triple driver comes in at just under $100... $99 to be exact and on paper at least that sounds like brilliant value to those looking for high-quality sound without having to break the bank.

Packaging Befitting far More Expensive Earphones

The Packaging of the Triple Driver in-ear headphones is incredibly beautiful and befitting of more expensive IEM's.

The 1More Triple Drivers packaging is nothing short of excellent.  It screams class and gives you that feeling that you are diving into something quite special.  The design is cohesive and full of nice little bespoke touches such as the way the accessories are presented and the graphics and information are laid out.  I especially like the exploded diagrams on the inside of the book style box.

The accessories are nothing to be sneezed at and are far more luxurious than I would ever expect in an earphone under $100.  You get the following in the package:

  • 6 sets of silicone ear tips
  • 3 sets of Comply Style foam ear tips
  • Leather Carry case of outstanding quality
  • Airline Adapter (Bespoke not generic)
  • Shirt Clip (Bespoke matching airline adapter)

Beautifully Made and Some Classic Good Looks to Match

Design & Styling

When I look at the triple driver I am taken back to a time that used to be.  The design of these earbuds is very much going to be a form matches function scenario with them having to accommodate both a large dynamic drive and the smaller BA's in front.  What you end up with is a classic looking headphone, the style of which we very rarely see as we move towards the tendency of over the ear monitor style earphones.

I like the looks and that is further compounded by the tasteful color choices with a black/silver & gold/black scheme up for you can grab them in.  The Triple Driver is designed to be worn with the cable down and when down so the are very comfortable for those of us with medium and large ears but not so much if you have a small outer ear due to the width of the dynamic driver housing.

Build Quality

The Earphones are built from a range of very nice, almost premium, materials.  The housings are aluminum and feel strong enough to take a fair amount of abuse for the day to day grind.  We have been using them for just over a month now and our set look almost brand new bar a slight chip caused from a fall of around 5 feet (they still work perfectly).  


The cable should also be complimented as it is extremely tangle resistant. Whilst they are not detachable cables they are kevlar reinforced so they should hold up long term better than standard generic cables that you find on other sub $100 headphones.  Microphonics are poor/average, there is noise transferred but we didn't find it to be anywhere as intrusive as on the Flare Audio R2Pro or even the Yamaha EPH-100.

Sound Quality - The 1More Triple Driver are one of the best sounding in-ear headphones under $100

I am blown away.  The 1More Triple driver didn't just perform well over the course of our review, the absolutely decimated most of the competition in the sub $100 price point and remains competitive up to $200.  It's a unique sounding earphone for this price point with lots of detail, clarity and a faily balanced yet smooth signature.

The Shure SE215 are one of my go-to recommendations at this price point and that still stands if you want a more bass heavy emphasis but side by side they couldn't be more different.  The 1More Triple driver is full of energy and can really push the speed when needed to.  They almost make the SE215 seem laggy by comparison.  

Highs (Treble)- The highs are smooth but very detailed with plenty of separation from the midrange.  they work in excellent harmony with Jazz and Classical music which at times can get peaky and they eat up the more mellow highs found in rock and EDM leading to a very fatigue free but detail-rich listening experience.

Mids (Midrange): - These are smooth.  Lots of detail and clarity throughout.  Vocals are exemplary and again the speed of the balanced armatures, without being weighed down by having to recreate the lower end of the sound spectrum is free to reveal all the details and nuances that you might have missed on lesser in-ear headphones.  The only negative I could pick out was a slight thinness in the upper midrange.

Lows (Bass):

The low end is not going to please bassheads.  The whole earphone is geared to be aimed at more balanced tones and that really shows itself in the bass.  There is a lot of quality here, excellent speed and thankfully no bleed into the lower mids.  Its pleasing and has a kick to it but not in the more sub bass tone that the Yamaha EPH-100 can deliver.  


The 1More Triple Driver are In-Ear headphones that punch well above their price point

Silver version of the 1More Triple Driver Earphones

Considering just the earphones alone.  If they were delivered straight to my door in nothing more than a Jiffy bag. I would still recommend those looking for a set of in-ear headphones under $100.  Take the whole package of build, design, style accessories and packaging and these earphones are one of the best in class for those looking for fairly balanced clean sounding earphones.