3 More stunning Custom IEM cable reviewed from Labkale

Here it is.  The 3rd and final part of the Labkable Custom in ear monitor cable review (sort of review...its a cable after all).  Today we have 3 custom in ear monitor custom cables that sit just below the amazing Labkable Takumi Master Series Cable that we reviewed just a few short weeks ago.  As with all the Labkable products these are built to the companies usual exacting standards and attention to detail.  All can be customised with a variety of different features such as a range of different 3.5mm jack points, your choice of connector to match your own headphones and of course the custom earphone cable length.  As is the case in all my custom in ear monitors (CIEM) I have them fitted with the standard 2 pin adapter for the purpose of being able to interchange cables between my different sets but you can grab them in anything from Shure, to Westone and many other fittings.  

Other than that there is not much to say about the cables other than I think they are a cracking bit of kit that you should seriously look into when you are upgrading your CIEMs or just want to add a bit of flare.  I of course don't believe in bullshit like burning in a cable or the impact on sound quality..... to me a good headphone cable is a good headphone cable, only a badly put together one will really affect sound in my experience.  So here we go onto the pictures which, try as hard as I did could, did not bring out just how stunning these things are in real life.  Featured cables are the Labkable Silvery Galaxy, Labkable Silver Galaxy MKii, Labkable Silver Galaxy Mix and Labkable Supernova Mkii.  

As usual this feature will be updated over time to show how the cables stand the test of time but having used the company numerous times in the past I don't foresee any issues.