9 recommended songs for audiophiles! Audiophile music!

Listening to music outside your regular genre's is a great way to expand your knowledge of how to listen to music.  However, it can be hard knowing where to start and genres you are unfamiliar with may make for a daunting task in finding something you like.  So heres the first in our genre sampler list.  A meze if you will where each week we will through out 1 song in each genre that we think is a standout and perfect for creating a gateway.


Tchaikovsky - 1812 Overture (Full with Cannons)

For frequency range, power and just sheer madness there is little that this piece doesn't do.  An exceptional critical listening track its one of my go to tracks when testing headphones.   


In This River - Black Label Society (live)

Forget the non live version.  If you want the full power of this song then this is a must listen. Zack Wylde shows why today he is one of the worlds best guitarists.  Playing this live for his gone friend Dimebag Darrel the power and emotion are as incredible as the Guitar solos.


Diana Krall - Gee Baby, Aint I Good To You

Amazing vocals and some beautiful guitar make this almost as good as the original and a great gateway drug to Diana's expansive library of work.

Old School Hip-Hop

Hot Sex - Tribe Called Quest

Streaks Ahead of their time when compared to the likes of Grandmaster Flash and Co.  Tribe was for the most part refreshingly ungangster.  Q-Tip continues to have success to this day with his distinctive vocal styling.


Joan Baez - Diamonds & Rust

Haunting and beautiful to say the least.  If there was ever a song to get lost in this is it.


Angelspit - Pretty Dead Boys

Adding a touch of insanity to the list is EBM which boasts a load of impressive producers and groups that manage to turn noise into something more.  For the true effect of this genre its best to go to a concert/gig only then will you realise why its called electro body music, the copious sub-bass will literally move your body


Blackmill - Let it Be

Blackmill have steadily been building up a collection of impressivley well thought out and mastered electronic music.  Let it be gets a lot right with the combination of vocals and deep bass drops.


Infected Mushroom -Artillery

step away from the more Psytrancey songs that they create Artilery is a combination of trance rock and rap and the perfect song to get you into this group that have been going for forever. They manage to change with the times and keep it fresh so its always a good idea to check up on what they are doing lately and keep an eye on them in the future.  They also have hardly put out a bad album so you have weeks if not months of catching up to do.


Mishka -Give You All The Love

m going to be a little biased here and say I like Mishka more than I like Marley.  I grew up with him after I stole a cassette tape from a friend and listened to it over and over.  Makes you want to move to Bermuda.