A message to my fellow reviewers. (Controversial)

Portable audio reviews have now got completely out of hand and it seems that for some time loyalty has been thrown the way of the companies being reviewed instead of to the fans and fellow audioholics that take the time to read what we publish. The community should be the one that holds the cards, and companies should work hard to fulfill our communities’ needs by creating a great product. So many products are now built off of marketing and pseudoscience as opposed to real world performance. We as reviewers should be the first line of defense to equally praise and criticize a product and help guide the end users. We are not to be an unstoppable hype machine used as part of a marketing plan.

Too many people are out there writing unstandardized reviews, with no clear definition of what methods they have used to test equipment or what they have as a comparative basis. Too little is said about the fact that most of the differences between headphones/Earphones/DACS/Amps at the higher end lie somewhere between the very subtle to indistinguishable replaced instead with rather grandiose statements. Too much emphasis is placed upon price making something better sonically. Myths of cables, File format, amping etc should all be addressed honestly and openly.

You have a responsibility to provide accurate and useful advice to buyers. You have to be willing to criticize a company fully when they are taking advantage of hobbyists. You should be willing to call bullshit when you see it.

I am sick and tired of seeing fellow audio enthusiasts being led astray as I once was by the pseudoscience, mythology and rather dubious sounding claims, which I know, are just not true. Its time to put the community first.