ADL Heaphones - Understated Yet Awesome

ADL 128 Headphone Review

The ADL (Alpha Design Labs / Furutech) products I tested this year had been on the market for a while a while being a couple of years which in this game is a lifetime.  They had a rather understated booth at the show with the friendly reps just politely letting you take your time to have a listen.  I got to run both versions of the ADL amplifier through an android device as well as an Ipad and each time it worked flawlessly.  The headphones, the ADL128,  are a really really good looking in person and something that would do well in the worlds of triaveling & buisness.  It seemed tough enough to take a beating and yet stylish enough (especially in silver and brown) to look the part.  Audio wise (again tested in sub optimal conditions due to background noise at the show) they sounded very nice indeed, so nice that I really want to get a set in for a full review.  Anyway heres a couple of pictures from the ADL headphone booth.