3 reasons I dont need apples patented thin headphone jack!


Side profile of the apple headphone jack patent.

So this popped up in my news feed earlier today and the folks over at BGR reported that Apple have been granted for a new thinner headphone jack.  At first I thought no chance would they be brazen enough to do something as stupid as straying from  the course on the 3.5mm headphone jack standard we all know and love.  1/4 inch headphones jacks still have there place in some studio monitors and Hifi headphones and the 2.5mm jack has all but disappeared 3.5mm headphone jacks have been the standard for some time now because it is a very very good standardised termination option.  The reasons given surrounding the patent seem to be down to the fact that Apple are looking to make there devices (such as the iphone 7) thinner and thinner and the 3.5mm jack is a barrier to that goal. I personally don't see any reason to sacrifice convenience for the sake of a thinner mobile device I after all consider myself a portable audiophile and uber nerd for portable audio equipment, for me this just doesn't fly.  Heres my rundown of 3 reasons from a portable audiophiles perspective that I do not need or want a headphone newly designed headphone jack just so my phone can be a few mm smaller.

1.  Almost every good portable headphone uses 3.5mm headphone jacks!

Thats right every single piece of in or on audio gear that I am likely to use with my phone already has a 3.5mm headphone jack and I am sure your headphones do to.  Sure there are some specialist connectors that you can find (for example the termination point on a set of electrostatic headphones or some balanced plugs) but by going to a completely new standard you are going to piss the majority of people off... of course being the holders of the patent apple will be able to make all those moneys selling you more overpriced headphones that sound more bloated than a whale farting through soup.

Apple patent for new thinner headphone jack.

2. Proprietary Standards Suck and mostly fail

You ever heard of Beta Max?  Memory Stick Pro? Atrac audio format? If you havent you dont need to and if you have you know that using all of them sucked.  What about a time back in the day when every mobile phone had its own custom jack? How much better are things now that most manufacturers (yes apart from Apple) chose to use the same standard.  If apple takes this further kiss goodbye to compatibility with your friends gear etc.

3. Have you fixed the battery problem yet?



The reason that this is even coming up is that apple is thought to be making the Iphone 7 so thin and light that the 3.5mm headphone jack standard will actually be to thick to fit into the new Iphone.  Did you also know that to fit more crap in the new Iphone 6 apple made the battery smaller?  Unless they seriously make some leaps and bounds on the battery front then I can deal with having a phone thick enough to fit a big fat 3.5mm jack on it.  BATTERY LIFE TRUMPS THIN AND LIGHT.


Time will tell on whether or not Apple will follow through with its new headphone jack patent god knows how many patents they already have currently living in purgatory never to see the light of day and I for one hope this new idea joins them.