Audeo PFE 112 Review - Earphones

Audeo PFE 112 Review - ft RWA Imod and Fiio E11 headphone Amplifier.

Why the Audeo PFE 112 Review?

So Early in 2013 the audiophile community was upset to hear that Audeo the hearing aid maker turn remarkable iem designer was to cease all productions of the PFE (Perfect Fit Ear) range of in ear monitors.  This is one earphone that I have owned since 2009 and while others come and go the PFE 112 is always there.  Here we will take a look at the original model 112 and what made it so great and why it is still an incredible buy.


Audeo PFE 112 Earphone Review - Packaging - (8/10) 

Nicely packaged in a reasonably large box compared to others.  The earphones are presented well with a nice amount of information on what you should expect from the phones.  All in nothing to exciting but done very nicely non the less.


Audeo PFE 112 Earphone Review - Accessories - (9/10)

Very good accessories on offer here from Audeo.  3 sets of silicone tips in small medium and large and also a pair of comply tips custom designed for the PFE.  There are also 2 filter sets to tune the sound to the sound signature you prefer.  2 sets of silicone ear guides and a nice case complete the package which is all and all very good.


Audeo PFE 112 Earphone Review -Looks and Build Quality - (8/10)

Ok so they aren't the most visually striking set of iem's that you will see however they are unique and the design shape is more about providing that perfect fit.  The colour scheme is silver and black and while dull it is inoffensive and completely liveable.

The cable is great it is a soft touch rubber and very much anti tangle.  The cable cinch is small and works extremely well.  at the other end is a straight jack.  Since i am writing this review 4 years after purchasing them i can attest that the cable and phones themselves have held up impeccably and there is not even a hint of wear and tear.


Audeo PFE 112 Earphone Review - Isolation (7.5/10)

The PFE isolate well, they are up there with others but a step behind a pair of etymotics with tri flange tips and of course in this regard I rate my customs at a full 10/10.

Fit (9/10)  Apart from my customs i can honestly say that i have never experience another IEM as comfortable as the PFE, they seal well, the silicone tips are extremely soft and after a while you will even forget that they are in your ears.  Brilliant.

Sleeping in these are no problem at all and with the ear guides microphonics are virtually non existent.


Audeo PFE 112 Earphone Review - Sound Quality (9/10)

On first listen you will notice that the sound out of these is simply wonderful.  Detail is all there and instrument separation is excellent as is soundstage which is some of the best i have heard from a BA IEM.

On that subject since the PFE only have one balanced armature per housing it is stunning that such a sound is achieved bass is of excellent quality but to me has just the right amount of quantity as well which is something other BA phones tend to struggle with.

In terms of mids this is without a doubt the strong suite.  Vocals come across rich and lush and guitars and the like with a lovely tone and hint of warmth.   Highs are accurate and fast if anything slightly behind the mids in position but in no way at all are the recessed.

in my mind this mix makes for the perfect setup and tuning, one which I have found hard to let go of over the years hence why they are my reference phones in basis of comparison for all others that I have owned.

But wait.........Theres more...........  Thats right as mentioned earlier the PFE come with 2 sets of filters which can change the tuning.  Impressions above are reflective of the black filters which are the ones I tend to stick with however switch to the supplied grey ones and the highs are enhanced, detail becomes crazy and the lows reduced ever so slightly.

i must admit it is very nice to have the ability to tune the phones and additionally you can purchase a set of green filters to take the sound in a more bassy direction.  I have heard them and it is very impressive however I tend to stick with the black filters and have a dedicated bass IEM (currently the Denon AH-C300).

Audeo PFE 112 Earphone Review - CONCLUSION

Audeo will always have a place in my heart as one of my most preferred IEM's they have done well and lasted me 4 years now, one day they will break and I don't know what i will do.

The reason for them not doing so well have been many and have discussed at length to me I think it is a combination of a few factors, firstly they just weren't sexy enough for buyers. Audiophiles are a fickle bunch and some are always looking for the coolest looking trendiest flavour of the month product which leave companies like Audeo who stick with design and don't push the marketing angle behind.

It truly is a shame that they are leaving the audio game because they really brought something unique to the table out of 100+earphones auditioned and these are the only ones that stuck with me................ surely that has to mean something.