Introducing our new audiophile music advice section!

Audiophile Music is going to be a new weekly feature here at Audiophile On with our goal to bring you some fresh music to listen to.  some might be old music some might be bang up to date fresh new crispy music but we are going to try our best to stick away from the mainstream and highlight to you some of the artists and musicians that we really think you might like.  You might have to step out of your comfort zone and experiment away from your favourite genres. The other goal of the new audiophile music recommendations is to give you some audio tracks that can showcase your audio gear to its full potential.  We recommend of course that all these songs be downloaded in as high a format as is practical with 320kbps MP3 being the minimum we advise to get near full potential and detail from a track.  Now sit back throw fire up those DAC and amp units and throw on your favourite headphones, its time to do some listening.

Recommended Epic Classical Audiophile Music

To start off this week we are going to have a look at the best classical songs we can find with a touch of Epic about them. Epic classical music can really move and inspire you.  It sound is grand, urgent and intense.  Its a great introduction to different a new genre if you predominantly listen to more mainstream music.  There is a lot on offer out there from some very talented classical artists so lets take a look at 3 of the best epic classical tunes we are listening to right now.


2 Steps From Hell 

Famed for writing some truly moving movie scores Two steps from hell make music that is right up the street of anyone looking for epic music.  I have used it to hype myself before fighting Muay Thai in Bangkok or Downhill Mountain biking at Ft William Scotland.  This music sets a mood and can seriously affect your resolve in a positive manner.  Out of any of the songs on this list its the one I would recommend you listen to if you are trying to get into classical music.

EInaudi - Divinere

I had listened to Einaudi for years and he was always known as a brilliant even though sometimes eclectic pianist.  In recent years however his popularity has shot through the roof.  Seriously even if you don't listen to classical music there is a good chance you have heard an Einaudi song without even realising it.  To get a broad understanding of this feature legends work the Essential Einaudi album is a great place to start and for me Divinere with its sheer raw passion and epic build up is the standout track from a standout career.


Vanessa Mae - Storm

Ahhh Vanessa Mae the whole reason I got into classical music.  I was a 13 or so and thought she was hot as the surface of the sun but you know what?  I also discovered she was incredibly talented.  While everyone at school was listening to Offspring and bad techno music I had the Vanessa Mae - Storm album on constant repeat and the song itself, a Vivaldi remix, showcases the then young violinists talent perfectly.  She managed to make classical music acceptable by mixing in straight old fashioned classical with her own unique ripping style on the electric violin.  In concert she was even more impressive but lets not go to deep into her olympic skiing record.  

1812 Overture with Digital Canons - (Telarc Edition)

If there ever was a song to test the ability of both the listener as well as the audiophile equipment then it is this one.  It's a long piece and you are probably familiar with some sections of it.  It has a little bit of everything and displays the full range of a well trained orchestra and it tells a story too.  By the time the battle happens and those canons start firing you are going to understand just why 1812 Overture is one of the greatest pieces of classical music ever written.