Bang & Olufsen Beoplay H6 Headphone Review

Another Bang & Olufsen Headphones Review?

Ok Ok, I swear that this will be the last B&O headphone review I do this year.  The Beoplay H6 from Bang & Olufsen is the companies wired over-ear headphone aimed at the premium end of the headphone buyers market. I tend to find B&O headphones to be very hit and miss.

Some represent outstanding build and technology where others are just plain and simply overpriced and under perform, even when compared to some far cheaper competition.  So with the H6 being at the mid-range of the companies own headphone line how do they stack up when at this price they actually compete on price with some flagship headphones from other brands.

Styling and Design

Does this headphone look familiar to you? Well, if you have ever seen any other Bang & Olufsen Headphones it should. B&O have taken the time to follow the same design ethos right across their headphone line and as a result, they all look very much the same. Only those in the know would be able to tell them apart at a glance.  What the Beoplay H6 is is essentially an H7 with a cable, at least what it looks like to me and you know what? That's a very good thing because these are a devilishly good looking set of headphones.  

Pictures don't at all do them justice and its one of those situations where you have to see them up close to appreciate the details.  The only other company that comes close to producing such a good looking headphone at this price is Master and Dynamic.

What stands out most when you pick the H6 up is the excellent use of premium materials throughout.  Its all mostly metal and leather and it really adds to the feel in the hand and the look when on the head. 

The build quality is superb with everything feeling robust and well finished.  There is not a single groan or squeak from the chassis. They are one of the few headphones I have reviewed that I feel like I could throw them off a cliff multiple times and they would still look the same.  It goes without saying that I don't really have any concerns about these lasting in the long run.

Comfort and Isolation

Just like we mentioned in our review of the Beoplay H7 the H6 are on of the comfiest headphones we ever reviewed here at Audiophileon. 

They have some giant well cushioned earpads that encapsulate your ears and yet somehow remain very breathable.  The clamping pressure of the padded headband is spot on for my own fairly normal sized head so I assume most other people will get along with them just swimmingly.

Isolation is also excellent and despite not having active noise cancelling built in the still manage to block out most of the external noise or at least reduce it to manageable levels in worst case scenarios.

Sound Quality 

I have always had a mixed reaction when it comes to Bang & Olufsen Headphones, unlike the way they keep the design ethos the same through the range you have to pick your way carefully thought the sound profiles.  I hated the H9, I loved the H8 and then I hated the H7...go figure!.  Happily, though I can say I do rate the H6 quite highly especially if the main types of music you listen to are of the rock and pop persuasion.

They seem consistent right throughout the sound spectrum without one frequency dominating another. You get good lows, mids and highs all in equal quantity with not much innovative behavior going on.  The treble has some sparkle but no sibilance, the mids have clarity but warmth and the bass can hit hard without getting all confused and flabby. 

Whilst these can't be categorized as audiophile headphones, for people that don't partake in the tedious hobby of critical listening (ie the majority of all headphone buyers) they get the job done and put a great big smile on your face when doing so.

Soundstage isn't the largest but out of all the B&O headphones I have tested to date it is the biggest on offer. You get equal width and depth set in quite an intimate setting.  Imaging and detail retrieval is also good yet not quite outstanding which I think is fairly reflected in the price.  Your going to have to pay a lot more to get a little more in a portable closed back.


BeoPlay H6 with DJ Khaled - Black Golden
B&O PLAY by Bang & Olufsen

So should you buy the Beoplay H6.  Well yeh, I really don't see any reason to oppose a sale.  I really enjoyed my time with them and whilst there are a number of options at this price they do stand out in the build and styling departments.

Looking at the H6 in a different light however they are definitely not good value for money as many other companies offer far better tech for a similar price.  These are though a designer headphone and in the right colorway they stand out with their styling.

Would I buy them with my own money? No, they simply just do not fit my needs but at the same time I can see plenty of stiuations where they may work well for other people.

This is of course when you look at them as a total package. Price, Build, sound and style combined they are a great buy whether for yourself or someone you love this Christmas.


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