Best Earbuds for Small Ears


This article about the best earbuds for Small ears you can buy in 2019 is meant to help people who have difficulty finding earphones that fit. We will be keeping this list of the best models up to date throughout the yea

A lot of our readers have been messaging us asking “what are the best earbuds for small ears?’ It seems that even though the earphone market has grown massively in the past few years that the earbuds sizes have also increased. That can severely limit a lot of peoples choices and a lot of times it comes down to trial and error when choosing comfortable earphones.

This list of the best earbuds for small ears will give you a few options both wired and wireless in ear headphones that are a little smaller and easier to live with but that don’t compromise on sound quality or other features.

Things to consider when buying small earbuds!

The most important thing for you when buying a new set of earphones will be that they are comfortable, fit well and don’t cause any pain. Thats a given and all the models we list below will be suitable for such a use case. However, there are other things to consider when buying a set of in ear headphones and we want to quickly cover them before we start listing models.

Wireless vs Wired earbuds - Thanks to apple removing the headphone jack on iPhones a few years ago and other manufacturers following suit a lot of people are moving to wireless earbuds.

Build Quality

Just because you are buying small earbuds doesn’t mean that you are going to want to sacrifice on build quality. For a lot of people buying a new set of earbuds represents a significant investment and you are going to want them to last. Earbuds are of course used when people are on the go or for sports and as a result they can take quite a beating over their life time. We suggest looking for good warranties, metal housings and detachable cables to extend the life of your new headphones.


I will assume that all of you reading this will have different budget requirements. Some will be wanting nothing more than a good set of cheap earphones but others might be willing to pay a lot more in the search for better sound quality. The good news is that we have options listed below that covers almost any budget and even the cheapest small earbuds on this list sound great.

Sound Quality

Sound quality matters for a lot of people and then other people just don’t understand when audiophiles rant about frequency graphs and charts. So in knowing that a lot of people reading this list will not consider themselves audiophiles I am going to keep the sound portion of this list fairly simple. I will discuss the tuning and then talk about what music they work well with. Users who want a more intensive break down of the sound are free to read our coresponding reviews where available.

List of the Best Earbuds for Small Ears:


1. Final Audio E3000

The Final Audio E3000 are one of the smallest earbuds on our list but they perform in a big way. They have been one of our most highly recommended earphones to our readers since their release in 2017.

Despite the small size these earphones deliver big when it comes to sound quality. They have a big wide open airy soundstage, amazing deep bass and a smooth and detailed midrange. If I was going to mention one of these headphones which punches way above its weight in terms of price to performance then these are all you will ever need.

For people with small ears they are a godsend. The small barrel means that they won’t be obstructed by the shape of your outer ear and they can basically just go straight to your canal. The E3000 also come with the best Eartips in the game (Final E tips) so once you put them in you should have no problem getting a secure fit.

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2. Etymotic ER4XR

The Etymotic ER4XR are one of the best technical performing earphones not just for people with small ears but in general. The Ety flagship recently god an redesign and the ER4XR are the pick of the bunch. Unless you are into music production then make sure you stay clear of the SE version as it has a flatter frequency response and a lot of people will feel it lacks bass. The XR however are a better sounding every day tuning and boy are they detailed.

The ER4XR are very simple to fit in the ear thanks to the angled cable housing and again like most of the earphones on this list they are a small diameter barrel design.

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3. Klipsch X12i

The Klipsch X12i bucked the trend for a flagship earphone. Most other companies have pursued multi driver or hybrid earphone design but thankfully for you Klipsch stuck with the single driver design wrapped in a very minimal housing. This makes them a perfect fit for small ears.

With its single balanced armature that is very well tuned to work well with a wide range of musical genres and its light weight aluminium body it became a very popular earphone. Yes Klipsch also has an x11 and x20 model but I don’t feel like those offer significant advantages and they have a slightly wider body than this earphone.

Isolation is great as is ease of instertation and they are a great looking headphone. Well worth buying if you can find them with a significant chunk of cash off their original RRP.


4. Etymotic ER3SE & XR

If you liked the design of the Etymotic ER4 but wren’t so keen on the price tag Ety have another option for you.

Super small and super slim like their big brothers they have excellent technical sound.

They come in 2 different styles the XR (extended response) with increased bass and an overall warmer sound and the SE (Studio Edition) with a balanced and transparent sound that is best suited for professional monitoring.


5. Final Audio e5000

The best looking earbuds on the list has to be the Final Audio E5000. The big brother of the budget friendly E3000 model we mentioned above these are just a way more premium experience and offer significant improvements in sound.

They have one of the smallest earphone housings we have ever see and the tubing is just slightly bigger than the armature itself. These earphones will fit into any war and when used with the right tips they just disappear. The can be worn with the cable up over the ear of straight down with ease an they are one of only 2 earbuds on this list with detachable cables.

There is another even smaller earphone from final named the f7000 most of you will want to avoid that one as it is more of a reference tuning with little bass. The E5000 is more warm and lush and it has enough bass to make them sound great with electronic music.


6. Yamaha EPH-100

The EPH-100 is a giant killer of an earphone and one that we can take credit for posting the initial review of that saw them blow up and become a favourite of audio enthusiasts all around the world.

The key to them being so good was the amazing micro driver that the company used in combination with the ultra small ribbed housing. Soundstage was big and they give an almost 3D presentation to the music. Mids are incredibly intimate and lush an these can hit seriously hard on the low end with good sub bass extension.

The cables aren’t detachable but I found them to be a well made earphone and mine are still going strong some 5 years after purchasing them.

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7. Campfire Audio Comet

The Comet saw Campfire Audio go in a different direction from their traditional IEM lineup. Introduced alongside the $1000+ Atlas model they were meant to be worn with the cable straight down when the original line were strictly over ear. Its a beautiful little earphone and one that gained a bit of a following in the headphone community. I myself use them under my Motorcycle helmet and the size and fit are the main reason for doing so.

The sound is awesome and despite its small size the comet deliver a big punch. The lows sound amazing with bass heavy music and they have the speed to keep up on fast paced tracks. The midrange is typically well done as all Campfire Audio earbuds.

The other great thing about these earphones is that even thought they are one of the brands entry level models they still come with all the extras you would see on their more expensive offerings.

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8. Master & Dynamic ME05

Master and Dynamic are a premium headphone brand that make some of the best looking headphones on the planet. They recently got a bit of attention for partnering with Louis Vuitton to release a LV branded version of their MW07 headphone (They are junk btw, just a very average earphone that’s RRP is $299 slapped with Vuitton logos)

The ME05 is their traditional wired earbuds and they have a very small and ergonomically friend housing. They aren’t barrel design like most of the earbuds listed above but the pea sized outer just drops into your ears and nestles snuggly between the tragus and anti-tragus for a comfortable fit.

Sound isn’t on the level of some of the audiophile focussed earphones here but its still good. Warm mids and boomy bass paired against rolled of treble makes for a pleasant listening experience if your aren’t doing critical listening.

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9. Aftershokz Trekz

The Aftershokz Trekz are a pair of bone conduction earphones. I have wrote a whole article about what exactly bone conduction headphones are and how they work that you can read here. The short version is that bon conduction works by transmitting sound through the bones in your skull which are then transferred to sound via the small bone that rattles your eardrum.

It has its uses in sports and even the military where spacial awareness are important but they have also became popular with people who have small ears or just generally find earbuds to be uncomfortable. More portable than a full size headphone and not as intrusive as in-ear models.

Aftershokz are the standard for this tech and the Trekz model is the best of the lot with IPX water resistance and bluetooth included for a really good price.


10. LG Tone

The LG tone is one of the most random products I have seen in a few years but I can see its benefits here. It is bluetooth speaker that is worn around your neck. You might be wondering why not just use a bluetooth speaker but if you are going around the garden or house moving from place to place it comes with you. The other thing is that it gives you stereo sound instead of just coming from one side of the room.

Of course the LG tone is utterly useless if you want to take it out in public or use it in a public place such as office or libraries. This one is strictly for home use.