Best Earphones Under 150 - Top 10


Thanks to the success of our recent best earphones under 50 - Top 10 I thought I should give a little love to those willing to spend a little bit more.  Now its time to look at what are the best earphones under 150. For the most part these headphones represent a marked step up into the higher end of portable audio.  Perfect for those that don't want to go whole hog but really want honest to goodness incredible sound.  The will all sound great out any source allowing you to just plug and play. As usual I will only recommend items that I have tried first hand and always remember to do your research, take your time and find what works for you.  Feel free to leave a comment here or on Reddit r/headphones and I will always respond.


RHA MA750i

I just recently finished the RHA MA750i Review and have to say as a complete package very little comes close to these earphones that provide great sound, excellent accessories with stellar build and design.  If I was in the market for a set at this price this is what I personally would buy right now.  The RHA MA750i also comes with an inline mic for using with your phone.




Reid Heath Ltd





This is one earphone with outstanding sound quality.  The microdrivers inside provide amazing tight bass and lush beautiful mids.  Build quality and isolation are also excellent with these and would make a perfect commuting headphone.  You don't have to go further than my full Yamaha EPH-100 review to understand why I am just so in love with this set of earphones and their truly unique 3d presentation of the sound.






Yamaha Corporation of America



Shure SE-215


It’s hard not to like the SE-215 they have great build great looks and good sound quality.  Not as detailed as the 2 above but certainly you can here the Shure house sound coming through here.  Detachable cables and good accessories put them up there as top 10 contenders.  You can have a read about what we thought of these earphones in our Shure SE-215 review.




Monster Turbine


Contrary to popular belief Monster are actually capable of producing a good sounding set of earphones.  These are far more balanced than the rest of the companies offerings but still offer a good amount of bass.  Easily available on the high street is one reason they make the top 10 but the aftercare and house sound are the others.








Ahhhh carbon nano tubes ehh?  Yup for a while people were raving about them and the inevitable hype train did fall off but these are still a great performing set of earphones with a low price.  Well worth looking into if you like tight bass and clear mids.  The sound is fast punch and very detailed and with the crazy price drops now seen since its discovery it can now compete with earphones even 3 times the FXD80's price.









Hifiman RE-400 Waterline


Hifiman hit the nail on the head with its RE-400 Waterline creating an earphone that is neutral balanced and detailed.  Think of it as a refined version of the popular RE0 model.  A truly audiophile grade earphone at a low price of entry its not just considered an entry or mid set.  It holds its own as one of the best dynamic driver earphones on the market today.




Rock-it Sounds R50


This earphone has been around in a lot of forms such as Brainwavz and Fisher but and under the rock-it guise its as good as ever.  Detailed balanced armature based sound with detail and separation is high and it competes with earphones many times its price.


Steelseries flux


A balanced armature earphone with a bit of punch.  It manages to retain the speed typical of this driver setup but has a little more oomph in the low end than you would be used to.  The sound is balanced with a hint of warmth and is thoroughly enjoyable with low levels of fatigue.


Sony MH1C


It was on the sub $50 list and its so good that its featured on the sub $150 list as well.  Sounding like a beefier eph-100 the MH1C’s sound makes up for the shortcomings of the poor cable design and the price is just so dam incredible.  Find out what we said about them in the Sony MH1C review here.  Even with the recent price hikes this is still a great value and immersive sounding earphones.






Philips Fideleo S2


An open back earphone that provides you with large and airy soundstage the Fideleo’s have maybe have been my most surprising listen of the year.  However it has quickly became apparent that the Fideleo line is the mark of great audio from one of the big names in the game.  Given its unique design it provides a sound unlike anything else on the list and is certainly one to look out for.





Philips Fidelio S2BK/28 In-Ear Headsets Earbuds - Black
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