What are the Best Earphones Under $50? - Top 10

Sony MH1-C Earphone Review

Some folks can’t or won’t spend big on the earphones and there is absolutely no shame in that.  Nothing says you can’t have good sound or big performance at a low price point and here’s the proof.   They are in no particular order as what is right for one person may not be for another. Use the list as a start point and do your research to what are your priorities and preferences and then sit back and enjoy the sweet sweet beats.  I genuinely happy to help so if you need any more advice message me here in the comments or on Reddit in r/headphones and I will do my best and will keep this list updated/relevant. Happy listening


Soundmagic E10

Soundmagic have been at the forefront of the budget minded audiophile for some time now and the E10 is a perfect reason why good sound, good build quality and excellent price all make for and excellent all round earphone.



Sony MH1C

Sony never knew they had this gem in their arsenal until the community jumped on it in droves and for good reason.  The MH1C has sound that will rival earphones upwards of $100 and is only held back by Sony’s stupid insistence on adorning it with one of the worst cables of all time.  Luckily you can do a little mod to change the cable from pure crap to merely average either way its worth pushing through for the high level sound quality. My review can be found here.




Brainwavz S1

My pick for the best earphones for sports and gym at any price.  These things are built like tanks and I have put mine through various levels of hell to see them still standing and sounding as sweet as ever.  Very comfortable and a nice bass orientated sound.  My review can be found here.




Bassheads rejoice for JVC has you covered with these earphones that manage to thump extremely well with oodles of deep sub bass.  The rest of the sound spectrum still sounds very good as well which is why this one is preferred over many other more mushy sounding bass canons. 



Vsonic VSD1 & VSD1s

Vsonic have always offered great value and the GR07 made it a hard job for people to consider any earphone priced over it.  The VSD1 has done it again but now for those on a budget and manages to provide near GR07 sound with great accessories and cable for a low low price.




Getting a bit long in the tooth but still admirable performers for the price rage the wooden Thinksound earphones are well built with a nice warm sound and decent clarity.

Reid Heath Ltd


Brainwavz Delta


Brainwavz second offering on the list proves that they are true budget champions.  The Delta is balanced sounding which is uncommon at under $50 and comes with good solid build quality and even a set of comply foam tips is included in the box. Price $20.



Phillips SHE3590


Very cheap and available on the high street these little guys sound average for the most part but when combined with some EQ customisation the really shine.



Monoprice 9927


Want amazing sound at a low price?  How does $7 sound?  If you can put up with the rather large housing the Monoprice is just jaw dropping value when it comes to a price vs performance ratio.  The ultimate budget earphone.




Zero Audio Carbon Tenore

Balanced with a touch of warmth.  The Tenore are a good looking and sounding set of buds that won’t break the bank.

ZERO AUDIO-ear stereo headphone carbo Tenore ZH-DX200-CT


Xiomi Piston 2



Great build quality and very nice punch sound there is very little to not like about the Pistons and they are well worth the money.  Should last for years and keep a smile plastered on your face the whole time.