Neutron - The Best HD Music Player for Android - FLAC, DSD, MP3

Best Flac

If you want high-resolution audio on your smartphone, whether it be Android or IOS, you are going to need software that is capable of playing high-resolution files.  

People often, incorrectly, refer to this software as a FLAC player but essentially what you really want is a high-resolution audio player with as many supported file formats as possible.  There are a whole lot of audio file formats out there that sound just as good as FLAC and take up way less space but for a lot of us FLAC files remain a mainstay in our listening library.  

Go back just a few years and most portable audio players and smartphones really struggled with the demands of high definition audiophile tacks.  Sometimes Flac and High-Res playback was not supported or there were limitations on device storage that made its use problematic. Thankfully, in 2016, it seems like almost every device is offering hi-res audio support. 

Neutrons home screen navigation controls are well laid out and simple to use.  Dig a little deeper into the UI and you see the real power of this HD music player app lies in the ability to fine-tune every aspect of the sound.

Rather than making a list of the "Top 3 Flac Players for android" I am just going to give you one.

Why one you ask? 

Well besides it being the player of choice on all my android devices it is also the most stable, simple and feature rich of all the Flac players out there.  Poweramp has its issues, VLC's interface is a pain in the ass... this one one justs works.  Ok I like it I'm sure you get that by now, so what is it?

Neutron Music Player

There are so many things that make Neutron the best HD music player on android and it would be hard to list them all but here are a few things that make it ideal for the vast majority of high-quality music lovers.

File Support

Neutron supports a whole host of audio formats, like seriously there is almost nothing this thing can't play back. 

MP1, MP2, MP3, OGG (Vorbis), FLAC, WMA, WMA Lossless (16-bit), AC3, AAC, M4A, M4B, M4R, MP4, 3GP, 3G2, MOV, ALAC, APE (Monkey's Audio), WV (WavPack), MPC (MusePack), WAV, AU, AIFF, MPG/MPEG (audio), AVI (audio), iTunes/Windows Media (non DRM), OPUS

These are all supported plus you get DSD support if your device has the processing power to handle it.  All in the format support makes Neutron one of the most powerful playback options on the market.


Users are able to tweak there music and the player itself until their heart is content.  With so many options for optimizing your playback it can be daunting but I say its better to have the choice than not.  Neutron allows you to tweak the sound in the following ways:

  • Parametric equalizer DSP (fully configurable, 4-20 bands).
  • Graphic equalizer mode with 21 common presets.
  • Surround sound DSP (Ambiophonic R.A.C.E.).
  • Crossfeed DSP (for better stereo in headphones).
  • Rumble Filter DSP (speaker overloading protection).
  • Dithering DSP (minimize quantization).
  • Pitch and Tempo DSP (playback speed and pitch correction).
  • Normalization (best Preamp gain calculation after DSP effects).
  • Replay Gain.
  • Gapless playback.
  • Hardware and Preamp volume controls.
  • Crossfading.
  • Phase inversion.
  • High quality real-time resampling (when required): quality, audiophile.
  • Balance.

Thats extremely advanced and if you get bored playing about with all of that then...well.. you sir are a bigger geek than I ever want to be.

Playback and Search


Neutron gives you all the usual options you would expect for locating the right music in a large library.  You get all the good stuff like searching by artist, genre, track and album but you also get custom playlist and rating support.

Playback options are just as numerous with the choice to play an album, sub-genre, playlist etc but you can also do that with shuffle, or linear mode.  

Myself I love the support of gapless playback when listening to an album and letting the music just flow in a continuous stream.  No interruptions.


What's not to like?

Well for one thing as feature packed as Neutron Music Player is it still has quite a steep learning curb to utilizing its more advanced features if you don't quite know what they do.  Thankfully the defaults are perfectly fine for most people and unless you are a bit of a tweaker you will rarely find yourself dipping into those options. 

Additionally, the graphical user interface is not quite what you would call clean.  I prefer a more minimalistic approach in my apps but neutron follows more of a rule of power over pretty.  I can forgive that because i understand that the functionality far outweighs an aesthetic preference but some users may be put off at first site.  To them I say persevere...its definetley worth it.

Conclusion - Neutron is still the Best Music Player on Android


Neutron for android is way more than just a FLAC player or HD Music Player.  It can be whatever you want it to be due to its massive levels of customizations. 

I personally use Neutron player with my amps DAC's and headphones and when moving over to android devices specifically targeted at audiophiles, I usually feel restricted by not having the ability to utilize this great app.  

As mentioned there are many other options on the android Play Store some work well and have their own advantages and disadvantages but Neutron is a music app for audiophiles built by audiophiles.