The best Headphone and Earphone Case? Top 5

Theres nothing more upsetting than dipping into your bag and and pulling out your earphones only to find a broken headband cracked earbud, snapped cable or missing tip.  Theres got to be a better way to keep your headphones and earphones safe when you stuff them into a bag or backpack and thankfully there is.  I picked out some of the best cases that I have tried in the past few years to keep your beloved music machines minty fresh and defect free.  


DragonPad Heaphone Case


Hey what more could you want the dragonpad is a cheap yet very effective way to keep your earphones in tip top shape.  The case itself is a clamshell design that opens in the centre with a pretty high quality zipper.  The inside is lined with a felt surface to prevent scrathes and it comes with a handy carabiniere clip to even attach it to the outside of your bag should you not have room on the inside.  Despite it being labeled to carry beats its quite roomy inside so should fit anything else of a similar or smaller sizeThe best part? Its a hardshell case that costs a little over 5 dollars and other companies have been know to charge $30+ for the exact same thing with a logo on it






The Nest Earbud case


One of the cleverest cases that I have used. The nest combines the function of a cable wind with the saftey of a silicone case. The manages to be one of the easiest ways to store your earphones tangle free.  Its as simple as putting popping back the silicone outer, putting your earphones in the slot on top then winding. Finish off by pulling the outer back over.  Whilst this is great as added protection and a brilliant cable management system one should remember its not a hard case.








The Generic Hardshell Case



This is the type of case that many manufacturers such as Brainwavz will include with their products.  It a tried and tested product similar in function to the above Dragoncase with its clamshell design and felt lined interior.  Providing more than enough protection to survive in a backpack and the added bonus of costing just a few dollars with shipping.








Pelican Case 1020

The pelican case (and the Otterbox below) are my personal choice for carrying my gear in.  Its a true hardshell case that also has a waterproof seal.  If you are carrying any set of earphones over $100 this is the case that I suggest you get.  Nearly indestructible and with an excellent track record pelican cases were built to take punishment.  Mine is the yellow one shown to the right and comes with that handy clip and see through top, its also available in black for the "Goffs" of course.







Otterbox (Various Models)


Similar to the Pelican case above but just as good the Otterbox is another very well respected hard shell case that comes in a wide variety of options and sizes.  The model I have is beg enough to carry my full transportable rig of source, amp/dac and earphones.  I have owned it for a few years now and you would never tell its over a couple of weeks old.