Top 10 Best Earphones Under $200 - 2019 Mid-range Earbud Guide

A list of the best earphones under $200 - best earbuds under 200

Do you want to know what the best earbuds under $200 in 2019 are?  You came to the right place because we just updated our list with a lot of amazing earbuds.  A lot has changed since we started this list back in 2015. The earphone market has been heating up and there are more and more brands coming out with models that just a few years ago would cost 3-4 times the prices listed below. 

This has now become one of the most competitive price categories in portable audio. I know that choosing the best set of earphones for your money is not easy but stick with me here because everything on this list is something that I have tested personally.   

This Top 10 is going to be in no particular order, all of these are great but read the description to find out if they are something you or a loved one is going to like.  If you need any more advice don't worry, simply leave a comment or question down below and I will get back to you ASAP with my recommendations.


Top 10 Earbuds Under $200


1. 1More Quad Driver In Ear Headphone

For some time one of the best earphones under $200 has been the 1 More Quad driver.  It’s absolute monster of an earphone when it comes to build, style and sound. Now in 2019 the price is lower than ever to stay competitive but it is still one of the best cable down earphones for the money.

The reason these are so good lies not just in their performance but that they also have a really special feeling when you get to unboxing them.

1More make earphones from other brands feel positively cheap in comparison and if you are looking for a premium feel and design worth of any of the major audio brands then these are well worth consideration.

They have a big open and airy sound which works well with every type of music. You will be amazed at the way they are able to present the details you never heard before as you sit in one of the largest soundstages you can get in an earphone under $200.  Simply Brilliant 

Check our full in depth review of the 1More Quad Driver Earphones.

2. Mee Audio Pinnacle - Excellent Bang for Buck

MeeAudio has traditionally made great cheap earphones.  Howwever in recent months the company has really stepped its game in order to compete at the higher end of the market. 

For its price, the Mee Audio Pinnacle P1 offers a whole lot of features you usually find on far pricier earphones. An all metal body, braided cable, comprehensive accessory set make for a formidable sub $200 earphone.

Sound wise there is a lot of detail going on and a fairly balanced and natural presentation.  Highs are smooth, mids a touch on the warm side and the low end has just enough punch to make it a great all rounder compatible with every genre. 

Click here to read our full MEE Audio Pinnacle P1 Review.


3. RHA T10i - The Deep Bass Earbuds

Do you like bass?  Do you like bass enough for it to practically rupture your ear drums and melt your face off?  Me too that's why for a long time the T20 was my go to earphone for addictive bass. 

Not only do you get RHA's now legendary build quality and an outstanding 3-year warranty but you get a sound that is sure to bring a huge grin to your face. For anyone who lives for massive bass drops these are an excellent option.  It's a sub-bass monster and it is awesome.

We also noted in our RHA T20 review that these earphones have a number of really nice custom touches that further sets the apart from other sub $200 competition such as patented earguide systems and knurled aluminium jack points and overall premium build and design.



4. BGVP DM6 - The Chifi Contenders

The Chinese Hifi market is aggressively attacking more established brands and they are winning. It seems that every day new models of earphones are being churned out and to be completely honest, they are amazing.

Multi-driver earphones, hybrid earphones, electrostatic earphones. They just keep coming and they are put into a beautiful package and sold at 5-10x less that someone like Shure or JH Audio would charge.

The pick under $200 right now is the BGVP DM6. It is a custom style universal fit earphone with 5 balanced armature drivers in each side. That is crazy. For example Westone’s 5 BA earphone the UM Pro 5 retails for around $650 and they don’t sound or look half as good as the BGVP Model.

Available in 10 colors they have detachable braided cables, highly detailed sound and a very big soundstage. My personal pick for what you should buy under $200 right now.


5. Apple Airpods or Huawei Freebuds 2 Pro

They may not be the best sounding earphones on this list but the Airpods and Freebuds have both earned their place after our testing.

Perhaps the most revolutionary design in earbuds for the past 20 years I hate to admit it but i love using them. The Freebuds 2 are my choice because the sound quality is just a bit better and I really like the design but apples offering is the pioneer and offers more customization of the functions.

Most people reeled when Apple set in motion the trend of the disappearing headphone jack but earphones like these make you see that this is the future.

As I mentioned the sound can compete with the wired options on this list but if its convenience and a cable free lifestyle you crave then these are well worth buying.


6. Simgot EN700 Pro

Take not the Simgot EN700 are now well under 200 but I am still keeping their spot on this list because for that price the can still compete with any of the other models listed here. That makes them quite a bargain.

These earphones feel seriously luxurious and come with accessories, styling and build that can challenge to top of the line earphones.

The sound was also highly praised due to its amazing ability to resolve detail and do so with a high energy output that leaves you wanting more and more.

Rounding it off the bass is brilliant, high impact and high quantity meaning they work well with a wide variety of genres.

Simgot EN700 Pro Review.


7. Etymotic ER3SE - The Studio Earphone

If you are looking for a set of earphones for monitoring or critical listening then the Etymotic ER3SE should be at the top of your shopping list.

This is an earphone designed for studio use and it has over 30 years of pedigree behind it. These are trusted in the music industry and for very good reason.

They have a super compact barrel design and deep depth insertion making them an excellent set of earphones for noise isolation. The sound is flat balanced and uncolored with a visceral ability to retrieve micro detail. They are designed not to color the source material and remain as neutral as possible.

The other model in the line is the XR which stands for extended response and it misses the point and loses out to other earphones in this list. The SE are unmatched for what they can do at the pricepoint and well worth every penny of the price tag if the sound matches up to your listening style.


8. Yamaha EPH-100 - Unbeatable Value

Its been a few years since we published our review of the EPH-100 that ended up blowing up and causing hundreds of people to buy them. 

Even though a lot of other models have come out the EPH-100 still remains a serious heavy hitter. 

Crazy 3D presentation with black blacks and a super smooth treble make listening to any kind of electric music a hell of an experience. 

Even though the hype train has died down these are incredible value IEM's and one of my all time favourite IEM's at any price.

The original EPH-100 review.

Yamaha Corporation of America

9. Westone UM Pro AM10 - Westone Sound On a Budget

Westone Laboratories, Inc.

Westone's much needed refreshment to their line of universal stage monitor the W1 earphones were met with mixed reactions.  The AM Pro 10, however, are beasts. 

A single driver over the ear detachable cable earphone that is as happy on stage as it is commuting on trains and planes. 

An incredibly well though out set of accessories plus the smooth presentation and solid bass have impressed a lot of people in the headphone community.

Whilst it doesn't have the low end kick to compete in the bass department with some of the other IEM's listed here they are a nod to neutrality and balance.

10. Sennheiser IE60 - Sennheisers best sub $200 IEM


If you are looking to get a similar sound to Sennheisers extremely popular IE80 earphones the Sennheiser IE60 are the perfect substitute.

Overall the IE60 are fairly balanced but they do lend some extra grunt to the bass that can be extremely pleasing if you listen to a lot of electronic or mainstream music. 

Its a fun sound but remains true to the original recording material and displays ample sound staging and excellent imaging.  

Build quality and housing design is vastly improved over the outgoing IE6 IEM's and these are a set of earbuds that are built to last.

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