BGVP DH3 Artmagic IEM Review

BGVP DH3 earphones

BGVP have made some waves in the past year with their entries into the IEM world. Many people tout them as an excellent blend of sound quality and price. I came away mightily impressed during the review of the BGVP DM7 a 6 BA earphone with a unique sound and mind-boggling low price.

Today we have the BGVP DH3 Artmagic earphones in for review and I yet again I find myself impressed. As you will read, a whole lot is going on with these earphones. For the price, it’s hard to think of any that can match them on features and concept. The biggest issue might not be with how good the DH3 is but the competition it finds itself up against.

What are the BGVP ArtMagic DH3 Earphones

Inner shot of the DH3

The DH3 are a set of universal in-ear monitors. They are targeted at the audiophile niche end of the portable audio market, but they are more than suitable even if you are not involved in this hobby. 

The earphones are a multi-driver hybrid configuration consisting of 2 balanced armature drivers and one Dynamic diaphragm. The reason companies will design the headsets in such a manner is to increase the quality of the sound by taking the best qualities of each driver style. In this case, the two balanced armature drivers, with their increased speed, handle the upper frequencies like the treble and midrange. The Dynamic driver, with its ability to move a larger quantity of air will hand the bass and other low-end frequencies.

However, that’s not the only trick that the BGVP DH3 has up its sleeve. This earphone allows you to have some control over the sound through 2 Dip switches that are integrated into each earpiece. These switches can toggle and let you play with the tuning of the earphone.

For the review, I will be using the DH3 with the switches in the stock positions and then describe the effects that each has on the sound when engaged in different positions.

Packaging and Accessories

BGVP DH3 Accessories - Eartips and case

The Packaging for the DH3 is the same style we saw on the companies DMS (an earphone I wasn’t too fond of in the review earlier this year). It’s nice simple packaging with a sleek cardboard box and all goodies safely inlaid in foam on the inside. Its nothing fancy but it gets the job done and looks good doing it.


Inside the box, BGVP have done an excellent job of creating a comprehensive package. There is nothing that BGVP don’t include that I want to grumble about.

First off’ let’s talk tips. The DH3 comes with four different styles of tips. Three of those styles come in the regular small, medium, large sizes, and the other comes in a stock medium. You have three types of silicone tips with varying degrees of firmness and a single set of complying style foam.

Next up is the included carry case which is an of the generic shelf case adorned with the BGVP logo.’ It’s not fancy but always works well as a place to store the IEM’s when not in use.

You get the usual cleaning tool and of course the Chines Manuals and operating cards that so often feel like an excellent way to waste paper.

Something I do like is the cable. It is detachable of course and comes stored in the travel case and not connected to the earphones on arrival. Its an eight care braided cable that turns to a 4 line braid after the splitter and it feels very premium and has performed very well though our tests.

We found it was incredibly supple and resistant to tangles. Strain reliefs at both the MMCX and 3.5mm connectors were adequate, and the connectors themselves were all metal and very high quality. There are a splitter bead and sliding cinch mechanism to help the cable fit better. Also the DH3 every has a velcro cable tidy to help make them easier to wrap up and store when not in use.

Build Quality and Styling

Top view of the BGVP DH3 showing the gold plated MMCX connectors.
Earphone cable with 3.5mm jack and mmcx connectors.

The DH3 are an excellent looking set of earphones and are available in three different colors (Blue, Purple, and White). I have the blue DH3 for this review. I like the way they have paired the inlaid glitter on the main shell with the almost dusty galaxy style of the deeper blue faceplate. You can also just about see the driver configuration on the inside, which is something the geek in me likes.

The shells are formed from acrylic as is now very common with a lot of the chines audiophile brands. It is essentially an in universal version of a custom in-ear monitor.

On the back end of each of the earphones is the toggle switches for the tuning of the earphones. I assume they positioned them there to make them accessible of the fly. However, there was no way I could blind operate these switches. Truth be told it was a nightmare to do so without some tool due to their minute size.

Given that these are Acrylic extra care should be taken when handling them. Metal body earphones will always stand up to the forces of being dropped or crushed better than brittle acrylic. Therefore I recommend taking that little bit extra care when storing them away between uses.

The build quality is excellent, and there are no unsightly seams or imperfections. They have two boreholes so as long as you keep these clear from wax using the included tool, the DH3 should last you many years.

Comfort and Isolation

The BGVP DH3 is a very small IEM, and it has a medium shallow insertion depth. Both of these factors make them a very comfortable earphone to use when you have selected the right tips for your needs. I was able to wear them for hours on end with no discomfort, and even our small-eared and female testers had no issues with the fit.

Isolation was only average. The shallow depth of insertion combined with the hollow shell offers only a moderate reduction of environmental noise. However, they are still suitable for use on public transport and in public spaces.

Surprisingly even though there is quite a large venting port on the outside of the earphone, we didn’t experience any leaking of sound.

Sound Quality

The DH3 by BGVP are stunning looking earphones and a credit to the design of the artmagice line of IEM’s.

I still have trouble adjusting to this new normal. At this point, the level that long-established western brands operate when it comes to sound is entirely different from what is coming out of China. The value by traditional standards is no longer comparable. That is very much the case with the DH3. 

The DH3 are an excellent versatile set of earphones that sound wonderfully natural. Tones of warmth and a tight thumping bass; this is everything I had wanted the DMS to be. It is not an analytical earphone; instead it is more musical and emphasized and forward in its presentation.

The bass goes very deep and is very present. It displays good qualities in texture and speed but presents an above-average ability in recreating sub-bass notes. I would lean towards these almost being basshead earphones but with a higher refinement and presence in the upper frequencies than we usually see displayed in such IEM’s.

The midrange is smooth and clear, very slight warmth and a detectable peak into the upper midrange that sometimes plays too hot with the wrong track. Yet the DH3 can be remedied through the inbuilt filters or a custom EQ setting.

Vocals sound clear and have lots of detail, but I won’t say they are smooth. They don’t have the lush and intimate tuning that I prefer in a lot of my music, and I sometimes find the mids a bit raspy. An example of this would be the opening minute of The Raspberries go all the way where the guitars seem overly raspy.

Filter tuning switches on the Artmagic DH3 earphones.

The highs are pushed quite far forward, and most of the time, this works well to produce a decent soundstage. However, on poorly mastered tracks, they fell apart and were sometimes sharp. Anita Bakers version of My Funny Valentine and many other female jazz tracks also display this. While ’it’s not painful sibilant it can, at times, benefit from being smoothed out. Of course, this tuning with a forward low and top-end does work very well with EDM and trance music with the deep lows and peaking highs. 

Overall clarity is very good as is detail retrieval. The earphones are well blended in terms of stepping between frequencies, but if you listen for the way they render the details between the bass and midrange it is quite different. Probably a result of the hand over between the hybrid driver types.

Soundstage is average. ’It’s neither wide nor deep and on a par with what I have come to expect from in-ear monitors.


BGVP DH3 review

If we compare the DH3 to the earphones coming out of brands like Sony and Sennheiser really, the BGVP are streaks ahead in terms of sound quality. Therefore I ’won’t bother with such comparisons. When we put them up against other Chi-Fi earphones, I find it harder to recommend them. Your preferences might vary, and they could, of course, work well for a lot of people. However, this site is an account of what I like and why. 

If I wanted a set of basshead earphones, I certainly would pick up a set of the TFZ No.3. Those have a significant impact yet an overall more pleasant tuning across the mids. If I wanted something truly audiophile-grade (and I had the power to drive them). I would scrape together enough money for the Tin Hifi P1. Barring that I would probably grab the Peacock Audio P1 for a more musical and balanced experience.  

Other options exist as well such as the Moondrop KXXS, Simgot EN700Pro, TIn Hifi T3. The truth is the BGVP are in the ballpark of all these earphones. However, they do not punch outwith their competition. Instead, they are another earphone to be thrown in the mix and be considered.


BGVP continue to show their innovation and their ability to make excellent earphones. The design and filter switches offer a lot of value and versatility for the price. The above comparisons were made with other headsets purely from a sound perspective, but the DH3 also can adjust the tuning on the fly, have an excellent able and solid accessory set. Excellent value earphones no doubt but don’t jump in just because they are new as there are lots of terrific options already on the market. Take some time and consider the pros and cons of each model and as always if you can try and get some ear on time to see if they are right for you.

The BGVP DH3 Artmagic are now available to buy at as well as Amazon and other vendors.

BGVP DH3 earphones in the blue color.
BGVP DH3 Artmagic