Blon BL-03 Review - Budget IEM's Done Well


Everyone loves a bargain and this review of the Blon BL 03 is going to give you one. Here at Audiophile on, we get a lot of budget earphones, especially coming out of China. The craze was kind of jumpstarted a few years ago when KZ showed just how to make a budget IEM that punches well beyond its weight. Since then many other companies have sprung up for a piece of this ultra-competitive market. Blon is one of those and I can confidently say the BL 03 can compete with earphones twice its price.

Packaging and Accessories


It’s nice to be different and the Blon BL 03 starts to do that with the packaging. Most of these Chinese IEM’s in the $50 price range tend to come with the same generic box. We see it on the KZ’s the CCA’s and the TRN’s so the longer and more interesting box of the Blon is a little bit more quirky and helps it stand out on the shelf.


The top portion is dedicated to the earphones which are inset in foam and visible through the clear plastic outer. The bottom portion contains all the accessories. The accessories for the price are fine. you get decent but not good detachable cable. It’s braided and will work just fine but it’s on the light side is prone to tangles and memory retention. This is one area if upgraded would take the overall feel of the earphones to a more premium category.

There are surprisingly a few options to choose from when it comes to tips and they are all of good quality so I don’t think you will have a problem getting a good seal with your inner ear,

There is no hard case which at the price is to be expected but there is a branded drawstring pouch that you can use to store the earphones when not in use and that is something uncommon under $50.

All in its a decent accessory set that gives you the basic necessities out the gate. You can choose to upgrade them for not much money and it will make the BL 03 a far more rounded earphone given the excellent housing.

Build Quality and Styling


The Blon B30 has no business being this well made at this price. The entire body of the earphone is made from something called Kirstie which as I just found out thanks to google is a zinc-based alloy. Whatever all you need to know is it’s metal ists solid and despite being a fingerprint magnet it looks fantastic. It has a mirror finish to the body and is refreshingly diminutive in size when compared to the multi-driver KZ earphones it is competing with.

The reason for it being so small is that it only uses one driver. A single dynamic driver diaphragm sits inside the BL-30. Not just an ordinary one this is made from carbon and that is something that we have had good experiences with in the past especially in the 10mm size that these have.

The cable is detachable and is, unfortunately, a protruding 2 pin connector as opposed to an MMCX. Given the price, I can forgive that and the good news is that if you want to upgrade the cable these will be compatible with aftermarket parts sold by Knowledge Zenith for not much money.

The BL 03 is of course designed to be worn over the ear but due to their size and top protruding cable sockets, I found that if I reversed the sides they work just fine with the cable down as well. Certainly not optimum but something handy when working at a desk.

Comfort and Isolation


Isolation was ok. there is only minimal ventilation for the drivers so not much way sound can get into them. However, given their smaller size and less dense internal configuration, they aren’t going to rival noise-canceling earphones a time soon. They are more than sufficient for commuting and will reduce but not remove the environmental sound.

Comfort-wise I have zero complaints. The Blon BL-30 is a very comfortable set of earphones. The body is very small so the will work well with all sizes of the ear. They are also smoothly curved off at all points with no sharp edges with which to cause rubbing or discomfort. Combine that with a medium shallow insertion depth and you have an earphone that provides all-day listening comfort.

Sound Quality


These are a fun and exciting sounding earphone with u shaped tuning. They are good for a wide variety of music but especially with modern genres like rock, pop, hip hop, and EDM. They have an overall warm appearance but still retain a good amount of clarity and definition. Detail retrieval isn’t on a par with a set of balanced armature IEMs around this price point but the low end makes for a really engaging listen.

The Highs - The treble of the Blon BL-30 is smooth and rolled off. This makes them easy to listen to and unfatiguing but you can definitely see this is an area where earphones around $100 start to pull ahead and show their refinement over the cheaper Blon’s. Still, at this price I will take smooth and slightly veiled over sibilant and harsh any day of the week.

The Mids - The mids sit ever so slightly back from the treble and bass but there is a slight pickup in the upper midrange that gives a nice shine especially with female vocals. This I found was complimentary to the warmer and thicker lower mids which carried stringed instruments and male vocals very well. The detail retrieval was also surprisingly acceptable but again this is somewhere that a KZ ZSX or Tin Hifi T2 pulls ahead but they are almost twice the price.

The Lows - Bas response is the highlight of the earphones with good punchy bass with deep extension and solid sub-bass response. It is fast enough for complicated tracks and doesn’t heavily bleed the mids in the way that other budget earphones tend to do. There is also a very minimal distortion. The bass is elevated past the point of natural and for people who like some low-end grunt that is a good thing. For people who prefer a flat and balanced response, the Blon will be less suitable and perhaps the extra cash for the T2 would be worth it.

The soundstage was above average to good. That is something a didn’t expect to see with such a cheap earphone. There is a sense of space and airiness to them and the black hiss free background further contributes to the sense of openness. I really liked this part of the BL 03.

Detail retrieval and imaging was again more than expected for the price but not really anything to write home about. You can position instrumentation ok when concentrating but it’s not something that really stands out.



The Blon BL-30 is not going to set the world alight but with an RRP of around $40 they do offer significant bang for the buck.

Build quality is very good and the design allows you to listen to the earphones all day long with no distractions from discomfort.

The sound is fun and well suited toward bassy genres, the have good all-round performance and are competitive up to a point. I like them a lot and with a new cable and some better tips, you have quite a potent set of IEM’s for very little money.

The Blon BL 03 are available to buy now from Amazon and