Botta Design Carbon Uno Review

Botta Design Carbon Uno Watch Review

Its no secret I am a fan of watches, heck I even used to build various franken watches from seagull movements.  As my daily drive I use the rather chunky but incredibly impressive Breitling Skyland Avenger.  There are times however where my current stable of watches are a bit too in your face for the occasion and when it came time to tone things down I still wanted to have a unique feature to satisfy my craving for a “cool watch”.  Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner.  Botta Design Carbon Uno offers a lot with its a minimalist single handed offering. Lets take a look.

The Design and Function

It really couldn't be any simpler.  The dial is presented with the standard 12 hour markers which are themselves clearly highlighted with a stylish and suitably clean font.  In between each of the hour markers are smaller 5 minute interval markers, which indicate the smallest noted intervals of time on the watch face and there is one single had that will continuously sweep.  Its a ridiculously clean looking piece and after a couple of days getting used to it, its actually very efficient in use when one is just stealing a quick glance at the watch face. A nice touch that I haven't seen on similar designs is that Botta raised the 15 and 30 minute markers just enough to make them distinguishable with even the most fleeting of looks but at the same time they manage to keep the face as uncluttered as possible, its a simple touch but a very practical one.  The watch is so clean in fact the only other features you will find on the face side is a date window located at the 6 o'clock position and the UNO logo just under the 12.  Personally I loved the look of it, clean and cool and it goes perfectly with a black suit and white shirt.   Plenty of people asked questions from "what watch is that"  right down to the rather comical "how do you tell the time on that"  and my personal favourite "is that a stopwatch?".  It gets noticed but doesn't have to scream from the rooftops to get that attention.

Build Quality

Build quality is just exceptional.  Its finished to absolute perfection with not a rough edge, mark, defect or stitch out of place.  The Uno feels exceptionally well made in the hand as well, strong and clean with a decent weight to it.  The strap is a beautiful smooth and soft leather with just the right amount of thickness making it extremely comfortable on the wrist but does take a week or so of bedding down.  After the initial bedding in process the Uno becomes very easy to wear all day with no discomfort all.

When it comes to the technical specifications of the Uno its very impressive when it comes to a sub £750 watch there's a rock solid ETA 2824-2 that can be viewed through display case back.  The watch is good for submersion up to 3ATM but with the leather strap we wouldn't advise to use it in the water too often.  The case size is 42mm which is just right in this day and age for smart casual and business wear.  Finally the sapphire glass on the Uno is clear and clean with low reflections present at all but the most extreme of viewing angles.


Much of the ethos of Stozz-Audio has to revolve around having the right tool for the right job and thats much the same way about the Botta Design Carbon Uno.  I have my big chunky in your face Breitling with its busy face and bezel made even brasher by the smattering of sub dials, hands and buttons, I love it and its a great statement piece.  I have a G-Shock Stealth Chrono, perfect for the gym and for the most casual of uses.  What I needed though was something that gave a high end look, suitable for use from the office to a smart casual setting but it had to have something special about it to stand out from the crowd.  The Uno satisfies on both the style and inner geek front.  It has received plenty of compliments and queries in the past week, much more than I initially anticipated it would get and I have to put this down to its eye catching simple styling and the single solitary hand on the dial.  Finally as an enthusiast myself I like looking down and seeing that there is something special on my wrist, it looks great, works flawlessly and represents exceptional value, what more could you ask for?

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