Calibre Portable Charger Review


There are simply loads of on the go battery packs available on the market nowadays. Most of those however I have found far too may frustrations, in one way or another, to consider using them on a permanent basis.  Problems which I have encountered range from not fully charging my devices, inexplicable rapid battery drains and for the most part some pretty poor build quality and functionality with a limited lifespan.  Calibre have changed that and now I can't see myself not having one of their chargers with me in my bag when I am on the go.

The Design

Everything about the Calibre range screams quality, serious, serious quality.  Each piece is constructed from a piece of aluminium and is very reminiscent of the kind of finish you would expect on Apple's Macbook line.  The Calibre range is sleek, stylish and so very clean it has to be one of the best looking accessories on the market.  We received 3 in to the office to take a look at what each offers in terms of features.

The Ultra'Go Nano – The smallest of the bunch holds a 2500mah battery for a quick top up charge for most mobile phones.   This one is tiny and will fit easily into most pockets whilst hooked up to a phone without any trouble.

The Ultra'Go Mini – A size bigger than the Nano with a battery bump up to 3500mah still extremely small and should charge most modern smartphones fully without a problem and have a little extra juice to spare for later.  It has a standard USB connection as well as a Micro-USB socket.

The Ultra'Go Duo – The biggest player in the Ultra'Go range.  Still impressively small but with a whopping 6000mah battery inside that will get you almost 3 full charges of a mobile phone.  The best part about this one is that it has two usb ports so yu can easily power 2 devices at the same time.

With a comprehensive range on offer as well as the beautiful styling its not hard to see why calibre are winning numerous industry awards including the rather illustrious 2013 Red Dot Design Award.  Part of that might be to do with the rather clever method of signalling the charge left in the device.  A simple method of vibration lets you know whether the device is charged at 25/50/75/100 % intervals it beeps anywhere from 1 to 4 times in series to let you know how much juice you have left.  This Vibration signalling helps to keep things clean looking and in practice it was a very handy feature to have.


Without a doubt the Calibre range of chargers are head and shoulders ahead of similar devices we have used in the past.  The thing with the Ultra'Go range is it just feels so robust.  Build quality is second to none and for that matter so are the Aesthetics.  When we were out and about with our Microsoft Surface the Calibre looked every bit the match for Microsoft's tablet/laptop offering and the same can be said for it being a match for any apple product.  Users of Calibre products would certainly seem to fit into the crowd that wishes to have the best, best looking, best build and best performance.  Personally I just really like everything the company stands for, they aren't compromising in any area and I look forward to seeing how they expand themselves in the future.