CCA C10 Review - Budget Hybrid Earphones

CCA C10 Hybrid earphone review.

Time for another look at the latest multi-driver earphones coming out of China. This time we hav this review of the new CCA C10 hybrid earphones. The market is starting to fill up with brands like KZ and CCA offering super cheap models that punch well above their weight class. CCA is an offshoot of KZ which have gained a solid reputation in the budget earphone market. They look similarly the the KZ AS16 but are very different both in the build but in the sound.

What are the CCA C10?

The CCA C10 are a set of hybrid earphones and from the information they are claiming 8x Balanced armature units and 2x Dynamic driver.  They have a lot of features that you commonly see on higher end earphones like detachable 2 pin cables, braided cables, multiple drivers etc.

The company first appeared in 2018 and has gone on to differentiate itself well from the KZ brand offering something a little different but still drawing from the experience of the more established brand.

Packaging and Accessories

The CCA C10 have extremely simple packaging but despite the targeting the budget end of the market they haven’t really skimped on the accessories.

CCA C10 earphone box outer sleeve.

The box is a very small cardboard sleeve style with the earphones nicely presented underneath. The are well protected and held in place by the surrounding protective foam and whilst it is nothing special it keeps them safe during transit.

You don’t get a carry case included which is to be expected at this price but you do get a good selection of eartips in various sizes. I did however find that switching to the Final e3000 tips brought the sound up a touch over the stock tips which are a softer composition.

Other than that it’s just the standard Chinese instruction manual and warranty card but to be honest just buy from a trusted vendor and they will handle that side of things for you if anything goes wrong.

Build Quality

CCA C10 Earphones with cables and eartips removed.

The build quality is very very good for such a cheap earphone and the CCA C10 really set themselves apart from budget offerings from established brands like Sony or Phillips.  The have a plastic housing so you will have to take more care than if they were made from metal but I have been really impressed with these and the C16 which we will be reviewing later.

As mentioned the have and plastic/acrylic housing and the are topped of with a nice metal faceplate which is identical to that found on the far more expensive KZ AS16. The have detachable cables with recessed 2 pin connectors.

This is great because if you have your cable break on you for any reason in the future you can just buy a cheap aftermarket cable and you wont need to buy a whole new set of earphones.

Lead review image for the CCA C10 earphones.
Macro photo of the c10 earphones grills.

The nozzles on the C10 are all plastic and that is one area where CCA have managed to cut costs over the previously mentioned KZ AS16. The have still kept metal grills in the bore hole for the tips which will help keep them free from wax as well as stopping dirt and dust accumulating inside.

The cable is absolutely excellent and again I stress that just a couple of years ago some cable companies would be charging over $100 for something like this. Its braided and extremely pliable whilst at the same time being very resistant to tangles. The 2 pin connectors do feel dated and I much prefer the use of MMCX on most of my headphones but costs considered this is a feature that shouldn’t even be on such a cheap set of earphones in the first place.

The only thing that i think was omitted here was the inclusion of a cable cinch slider of after the splitter which would tame the cable when you are active.


Earphones and cables CCA C10

These are a good lookin set of earphones and again only matched by KZ in their professional aesthetics at this price.  The are an over the ear design which gives that monitor feal whilst at the same time reducing microphonics and increasing stability.  

You can have the C10 in a few different colours but I liked the smoke shels best as I can still clearly see the driver configuration and not have them look as toy like as the blue or purple models.

Comfort and Isolation

Macro photo of the internals of the CCA C10 driver configuration.

The CCA C10 have 5 driver in each side so of course that results in a slightly larger than normal housing. Despite this a combination of good ergonomic design and a surprisingly light weight makes them a surprisingly comfortable wear even with small ears.

Insertion depth was at a medium and getting a good seal with the included eartips was no problem. Because of this I would say that they are fairly decent isolators and will be more than suitable for use in public, at the gym or commuting.

Sound Quality

C10 by CCA

I think a lot of people will really enjoy the sound of the C10 and that is mainly due to its tuning. The are energetic with a healthy dose of bass, sparkling top end and smooth warm mids. Its going to work well with a lot of genres and is particularly impressive for its price.

They are a fun and lively sounding earphone that can resolve some good detail but not without some areas where more expensive earphones will shine over them.

CCA C10 review

CCA C10 review

The highs have a sparkle and a roll off on the top but it plays well and offers decent clarity an opens ups some space in the sound stage. Combined with the low end it makes very good listening for EDM tracks with peaking highs before deep bass drops.

The midrange is extremely smooth and layered with warmth. This warmth might be too much for people who like a pure and analytical listening experience but it will please the majority of people just because what we have been accustomed to believing is a good sound over the years. Technically perfect is not always the easiest to listen to and many people prefer more warmth and intimacy in their earphones presentation.

The low end is punchy and deep and only when you push it really hard does it bleed a little into the lower mids. Again we have to consider price when talking about this and it does lows far better of than other earphones in this range. I would go as far as to say they go very well in almost a basshead fashion.


Cable for CCA earphones

The CCA C10 are a cheap earphone but at the same time they are a quality bit of kit with lots of features I would see on something north of $100.

They impress with an energetic warm sound and whilst more expensive earphones will have them beat sonically as a total package they are pretty much impossible to criticize for the price.

I really like them and will happily be adding them to our list of the best budget earbuds. Highly Recommended.

The CCA C10 are available to buy from and Amazon as well as many other online retailers.