Chord Mojo - A New portable DAC

The new Chord Electronics Mojo Dac and Amplifier

If you haven't heard of the Chord Hugo yet then you aint been around this hobby long enough. The Hugo was one of last years stand out products, a simply incredible designed and sounding DAC & Amplifier unit from the folks over at Chord Electronics.  I was a huge fan of the Hugo and had I not already owned an Aurender Flow it is something that I would certainly of considered for my own home listening.  I say home listening because only the most hardcore of us would consider carrying something the size of the Chord Hugo or Aurender flow whilst on the go. Trust me I did see a few people toting around High End 2015 in Munich this year sporting a some rather fetching man purses loaded with such DAC and Amplifier units.  Trust me no amount of audio fidelity is worth being one of those guys.  Thankfully Chord has a new device aimed at those that want the best possible sound quality on the go, the all new Chord Mojo.  For those folks new to the wanting to read up more on the intricacies of a DAC or whether or not you need an amplifier I suggest reading these articles:

However, if you want the short version, what the Mojo plans to do is replace the inferior DAC and Amplifier units you will most likely have inside your phone or laptop.  Instead the Mojo will run your digital music library through the its own external (and supposedly superior) hardware resulting in a better listening experience for you the end user.  

Chord Mojo DAC & Amplifier | Features

Beside some 27 years off experience being thrown into their latest portable DAC unit there are a number of other features that make the Cord Mojo music to our ears.  For instance the DAC has cross platform support and is designed to work with Iphone, Android, Mac, Windows...hell even Windows phone and linux who are all to often left out in the cold are compatible.  Keeping up appearances with the Chord Hugo the Mojo also offers some great connectivity options such as coaxial, USB and Optical.  It has dual 3.5mm line outs so you and a friend can both listen at the same time.  File support is extremely comprehensive and the claimed battery runtime is 10 hours off of a 4 hour charge.

In our opinion the Chord Mojo unit looks absolutely gorgeous, certainly a drool worthy bit of kit sure to get portable audiophiles frothing at the mouth and we hope to get a hold of one some time in the future in order to bring the Audiophile On readers the full scoop on how well it works and sounds in the real world.

For now feel free to check out the the rest of the Chord Mojo photos in the gallery bellow and for full specs and purchase locations click here to take you through to Chord Electronics website.