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Custom Art Ei.3 - Review Coming Soon

Custom Art Ei.3 review, coming soon.

Custom Art Ei.3 review, coming soon.

*UPDATE* The Custom Art Ei.3 Review is now live here.

So Polish custom earphone company Custom Art have a new product focused at the budget CIEM market.  The Custom Art Ei.3 is the brainchild of massive massive audio gear enthusiast Piotr .... Piotr's story is one you can't help but admire as the man created Custom Art Earphones from a love of the audio hobby itself.  The growth of the company has also been interesting to watch as from direct contact and speaking to others within the hobby the man is a stickler for detail and that really shows in the fact that custom art is able to put out such a price competitive 3 driver CIEM as the Ei.3.  

Custom Art Ei.3 CIEM + Pelican 1010 Case

We have a full review of the Custom Art Ei.3 coming within the next few weeks so I won't go into to much depth but right now I'm nothing but impressed.  The Ei.3 arrived within a few weeks after the usual ritual of getting custom ear moulds taken and holy hell was I blown away at first site.

Budget CIEM?

First thing you notice is that the carry case for your new CIEM is a pelican 1010, the same one that I recommend and use myself.  It's hard wearing, water tight and also expensive as cases go so it was a shock (in a good way) to see it included on what is pruposedly a budget CIEM.  I let Piotr and Custom Art choose the design for these new CIEM and couldn't of been happier when I opened the case up to find a translucent dark smoke with purple faceplate and the Audiophile On logo etched on.  They are a thing of beauty and currently I am rocking them with the Labkable Blue Horizon CIEM cable with a 2 pin adapter.  How do they sound?  Will you can come back in a few weeks time to read the full review as well as direct comparisons to my other similarly priced custom earphones but for now feel free to check out the rest of Custom Art's earphone offerings at