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So with all the headphones, we review at Audiophile On many of you have been asking us what the best headphone stand is. In our office, we have a lot of headphones and the ones that aren’t on hangers in our dedicated audio gear cupboard sit on our desks on stands.

Headphone stands are great because it gives you somewhere to store your headphones when not in use. They decrease clutter and keep your headphones safe and tangle free. You could, of course, go and try a DIY option but I think with how cheap, and good looking these things have become in the past few years why not give your expensive headphones somewhere lovely to sit.

Bellow, we have listed our headphone stands, and gaming headset stands that are currently available to buy.


Best Headphone Stands 2019


1. Antank - Best premium headphone stand

If you are dealing with a beautiful set of audiophile headphones, then they deserve somewhere beautiful to keep them, and the Antank is my personal choice. I have 2 of these headphone stands one at the office and one at home.

The Antank is a beautiful full grain wood construction. It is a lovely looking place to keep your headphones, and it stands out from the competition with its unique design.

There are two versions of the stand pro and a standard, and the difference is that the pro version has a functional wood insert that is used to wrap your cable and keep an even cleaner aesthetic. The pro is the one I recommend, but you can still get away with wrapping the cable around the base of the standard model. It will work but won’t look as good.


2. Just Mobile HS100

It’s a super clean design meant to take one headphone. Being made of metal, of course, means that it is going to be durable and not easy to break so if you intend on using it for years to come this is a steppe from some of the budget-friendly plastic models

The weight is also a plus because the Just Mobile can hold a lot of weight without falling over. It is a hook design rather than over the top, so that also makes it easier to quickly throw your headphones on the stand without having to place them.

The base is split into two sections revealing a thing slice which is used to wrap your headphone cable around for easy and tangle free storage.


3. Corsair ST100 RGB - Best Gaming Headset Stand

Available in 3 separate colors, black, gold and silver the Just Mobile HS100 Headstand is the first of our metal models on this list.

Corsair has made a gaming headset stand that is excellent, and I use this at home next to my computer. Corsair didn’t just make a headphones stand for gamers the made one on steroids because this thing is packed full of tech you wouldn’t even think about.

To start the ST100 RGB’s base has a full RGB lighting system making it match well with my keyboard, case lights and strip lighting around my PC Build.

It has a built-in 2.5mm input that can deliver 7.1 surround sound, and the base even has 2 USB ports to charge your device or transfer data.

It is compatible with other ICUE hardware and has excellent rubber grips on the bottom, so it stays firmly in place.


4. Cozoo USB Headphone Stand

If you like the idea of having integrated USB ports on your stand, this is an excellent way of cutting down on external docks, etc. If you don’t need the RGB lighting of the Corsair model (or the price tag), the Cozoo is an excellent alternative.

It is a straightforward stand, the kind you place your headphones on from the top down. It comes with 3 USB ports in the base so you can charge your devices at your desk.

The only let down on this model is there is no built-in cable solution, but for the price what you are getting is still an excellent model.


5. Amovee Headphone Stand

I had a few of the original models of these stands in the office, but I wasn’t impressed because they weren’t wider of stable enough to support the weigh of some of my headphones. The good news is that in 2019 Amovee listened to their customers and seriously beefed up the design.

It’s now wider and with better and thicker materials but yet it is one of the cheapest headphone stands on this list.

It is a simple yet classy design with no bells and whistles, but I am a big fan of its clean aesthetic and ease of use. It might now be the most expensive but its a bargain and looks good.


6. Avantree Aluminium stand

We have another metal stand here and its a favorite of ours. It’s a step up from the cheap stuff but given the design touches and smart features included its well worth the price.

It is a combination of a hook and an over the top stand that constructed of hard wearing aluminum. To keep your headphones safe, Avantree has a few sections padded with soft touch silicone.

The first is on top where you hang your headphones; this keeps the metal from direct contact with your cans and also ensures there is no slippage if you knock the table.

The base is also silicone clad and has a built-in bowl where you can lay your wrapped headphone cable as well as keep any other audio accessories like a set of earphones or quarter-inch jack adapters.


7. Brainwavz Hengja - A headphone Hanger

Another item that I own a few of if the Brainwavz Hengja. If you want to keep your headphones out of sight but still safe, then one of the most popular products from the past few years is the headphone hanger.

There are a few models on the market, but these are by far the best due to their sturdy construction and super low price.

The idea is simple you attach the Hengja to a desk or table and screw down the inbuilt clamp to lock it in. From there you can hang your headphones and also wrap the cable when not in use.

Its an excellent discrete alternative to a headphone hanger and it has the benefit of not cluttering up your desk when you aren’t using them.


8. Mocreo Dual Headphone Stand

If you have more than two headphones that you use regularly and you want a way to store them conveniently, then the Mocreo is an excellent cheap all in one solution.

Its design to hold two headphones at the one time meaning you could hang a gaming headset and audiophile headphone at the same time. Its well-weighted base means that even if you have a large set of headphones, it will not fall over.

The build is decent, and the body is constructed from acrylic. There are a few metal options on the market that do a similar job, but I’m not sure if they are worth more than double the price of the Mocreo.


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