High End 2015 Report: Perfect Sound D902 Headphones

I wasn't a fan of the original s301 headphones on offer from Perfect Sound a few years back the were too expensive too heavy and dint sit well on the head. But the company looks to be gaining traction with one of the more unique headphones on display this year. The D902 is a headphone that essentially comes with 4 earcups. One is decidedly larger than the other with the bigger of the 2 set set to handle home listening and the second smaller unit makes for a perfect portable solution. The system features an interchangable headband that with a crocodile finished leather. I had the chance listen to both setups.  Larger driver cups attached to the headband and I was pretty impressed by the open and airy sound that the drivers produced. The smaller units were more energetic with a with a clear and crisp punchier hit to low end and it was something I would compare to the Sennheiser momentum series.  The perfect sound D902 features a detachable cable that itself is very very nice and it is terminated by a standard 3.5mm headphone jack. Check out more pictures bellow. 

You can find out more about Pefect Sound here.

Perfect Sound D902 Large and Small Driver Units