High End 2015 Report: A little time with the Grado headphone range

One of my favourite companies in audio has to be Grado.  The history of the company paired with timeless style and excellent sound made them a favourite of headphone aficionados all around the world. The SR80 was my introduction to a better listening in the late 90's and today they still sound as good as ever.  So with that in mind I sought out the german distributors High Fidelity Studio at the High End Expo in Munich where I found nearly the entire range hooked up to some beautiful hardware ready to go.  Available to listen to were the following models: Prestige Range: SR60e, SR80e, SR125e, SR325e, eGrado (boxed);  Referance Range: RS1e & RS2e Professional Range:  PS1000  Statement Series: GS1000e.  The GS1000e were standouts making everything come alive and the only ones I didn't see but am dying to try were the companies in ear models the GR10e.   Feel free to check out Grado Labs website at www.gradolabs.com and enjoy the gallery bellow.

Note: By the time I got to the Grado booth located upstairs I have well and truly depleted 4 sets of batteries and had to shoot the headphones using my Blackberry Passport to do the Grado line series justice I suggest checking them out in person.