Klipsch Drop 20% of their reference speaker line!

Klipsch RP-280 Surround System 

I just noticed this one today and for those of you looking to get into a higher range speakers without going crazy and breaking the bank the Klipsch Reference speaker range is definitely something to check out.  I had the chance to play around and demo an number of uniques Klipsch setups this year from and was massively impressed at the sound they put out. Especially of note was the home theatre setup the RP-280 that I watched the interstellar movie on.  This thing gave me some serious chills.  As for the pure audio side all the range of floor standers seemed to be good performers (and good lookers with the gold diaphragms) but the Klipsch RP-280F floorstanding speakers were excellent providing good deep bass, above average clarity & separation and a very smooth presentation.  Unfortunately, us here in the UK aren't getting these kind of prices, but those in the states that are in the market should definitely seek out somewhere to get a demo before the current offer ends.