Custom Cable Feature Part 1: Labkable Master Series Takumi Review

Labkable Mater Series Takumi Custom Headphone Cabe review

Those that have been reading for some time now would not be surprised to know I am a sticker for a good cable. For me the type of cable that a company implements on its IEM's or headphones can make or break a product in terms of useability. In the past week alone I have been faced with two polar opposites in the cable world. First I reviewed the grossly overpriced Flare Audio R2Pro with its cable being one of the worst I have ever used and right after I reviewed the $40 ADV sound M4 earphones that had a simply wonderful quad braid cable. Its not the be all end all of a product but in such a competitive marketplace that is portable audio you have the right to get things your way.  The other thing I haven't covered as much as I should on this site is my collection of custom earphones. I have, in current rotation, 5 different sets ranging from the UM Miracles, Minerva Mi.Artist Pro and Proguard P2+1 being my favourites. However, ownership of all these phones have been plagued with one common issue. The cables. I have had issues ranging from complete loss of sound, one ear working or crackling and popping. The issue with the majority of the cables on many ciem's is that they seem a bit flimsy and prone to wear.  Its time for an upgrade.  Not being a proponent of the sound differences provided in custom cabling then why custom cable?  Well, the thing I love about custom cable's is that they are customisable to length, components such as jack points, durable and...of course... they look incredible. I know this is a massive gear whore reason but when you take care of your appearance, when you choose the colours and designs on your custom faceplate why settle for an innocuous looking thin black plasticky looking cable hanging down.

Labkable takumi custom headphone cable review

Well there has always been one company that has stood out to me as having some of the most well received and incredible looking cables on the market. That company is Labkable and they have a line up that is so complete and customisable that I think you would really struggle to not find something that is to your taste.  I found plenty and this is the first part of a three part feature of the Labkable custom earphone cables I am currently using.

labkable takumi cable box


Now I am not one that is going to rant and rave about the sound properties of different cables. I have in the past done some an testing on cables and have had mixed results. Sometimes I think I hear a difference most other times not. The issue I have when an testing on blind tests with customs is the amount of time it takes to switch cables on one set of 2 pin custom monitors. By the time I have them back in my ears I am unsure what i am hearing is real or perceived. Therefore I am simply going to talk about the design cues, the build and the cables use in practice along with the service provided from Labkable cable company itself.

Labkable custom headphone cable splitter review

The Takumi cable is based on the principal and balance, removing imperfections and using the highest grade materials.  Featuring a mix of gold-silver, silver-alloy and copper the company the cable is the subjected to a burnin process called HQT 100 which is said to greatly reduce the time to burn the cable from new (again subjective).  Leading out from the jack point (of which I chose a chrome 3.5mm Oyaide unit) there is a stunning flat Octo braided cable.  The split point (Y-Split) is protected with a slice of heat shrunk clear cable with the Labkable logo embedded inside.  The cable cinch is beautiful and really adds to the overall premium feel of the design.  Its a small dark wooden piece that slides up and down the 2 quad braid cables that head into the left and right channels and it works very well.  Finally there is the connectors and Labkable are able to supply you with one in every form you might wish, my unit comes with a dual pin of course to fit with my own custom units but you can get shure, westone etc. 

Labkable braided custom takumi cable review


Of course cables are always going to be a sticky point in high end audio, you will always see more of an upgrade from upgrading the earphones and source components as a matter.  People who will be looking at a cable like this are going to be the true diehards of the headphone hobby and when you have maxed out in all the other areas why not treat yourself to something as beautiful as this to finish off your setup.  In the flesh the Takumi cable from Labkable is both a joy to behold as well as to use.  Its extremely durable, well finished and very very cool looking.  With all that said its time to go listen to some music on them.