Lets talk about the bass the bass the bass

Lets talk about the bass the bass the bass!


Hell yes that’s was an annoying song that is now thankfully fading into oblivion...never to be heard by human ears again.  To be honest though, I have got bass on the brain.  The reason the low end of the spectrum has been so prevalent in mind is reading stuff from a few elitists of the community who are completely out of touch with reality that they bash certain products for having a bass signature or a powerful low end.  Its funny I find myself reading nonsense where good mids will be lauded, good highs will be praised but then throw in just a hint of above neutral bass response and people will throw a shit fit.  I don’t know if these people have noticed but it seems that if you turn on the radio these days that the majority of music, or at least the music that is mainstream, has a prevalence of enhanced low end.

The problem in the past and one that I think has tarred forward thinking IEM and headphone companies is that bass was key with little thought as to the rest of the spectrum.  You see as I sit here and listen to an some portable gear that is currently listed as portraying an accurate reproduction I switch from headphone out to a bluetooth stream of Tidal to my DALI Lecktor 8 Speakers.  The among others a Well companies are finally starting to see the light and providing both sound quality but also matching high quality bass such as that found in the RHA T10i earphones, amazing sounding Dunu DN2000 hybrid monitors and even the bass focussed amp by Digizoid, The Zo.

In fact a lot of music has a very substantial emphasis on the low frequencies and even more so if you go and see these musicians play live and in the flesh your brain is sure to be rattled by the copious amounts of bass pouring out the speakers.  Yet we here how neutral and referance are some of the most desired signatures?  Not for this guy, id rather enjoy my music so bring on the boom when its meant to be there.