Monster DNA Headphone Review - Another Terrible Sounding Monster Headphone

The Monster DNA Headphones are one of the worst headphones that we have come reviewed to date when you take the price into consideration.

Monster DNA Headphone - Review 


Splitting from Beats seems to have raised the profile again for monster and with a number of headphones coming out headphone fans interest has been peaked.  One of these new phones is the Monster DNA which the company say offer a “live music experience”.  We take a look at how these interesting new phones stack up.


Monster DNA Headphone - Packaging - (8/10) 

Not bad, pretty generic monster packaging looks good with good graphics and the headphones are presented well.

Monster DNA Headphone - Accessories - (7/10)

Not much here but what you do get is all good quality.  The carrying case is very nice and is well made however as always a hard case would be preferred.

Monster DNA Headphone - Looks and Build Quality – (6.5/10)

Ok build quality is good a bit plasticky but none the less the hinges feel strong and the pads are of good quality but where I think people are let down is in the design, I am not a fan of bright colours and it should be noted that they can also be had in black, however the actual styling itself is neither here nor there.  The Monster Vektr and Inspiration are a far nicer looking designs and make the DNA look like it was just an afterthought with a strange mix of swooping and angular lines.

Monster DNA Headphone - Isolation (8/10)

Closed back and good clamping force make the DNA a decent performer about average with similar priced competition but just slightly behind the Sennheiser momentum and hd-25.

Monster DNA Headphone - Sound Quality (6.5/10)

Disappointing almost to the point of unusable.

The headphones seem to be tuned towards the bass as with most monster products usually are, not a problem as anyone who knows headphones knows what they will get and general consumers know no better or care not.  The glaring problem here with the bass is 2 fold.

Firstly it distorts at higher volumes or with any type of bass boost you may wish to employ such as a Digizoid ZO or sony bass boost etc.  It crackles and buzzes making you want to rip them off your head.  The second (and most ridiculous point) is that the headphone casing actually physically vibrates and rattles.  How this glaring omission was made I have no idea.

Mids are underwhelming at best and sit pushed back from the enhanced bass and treble.  Its not that the mids are especially bad just that they are completely smothered in reference to the two other areas.

Highs are nice I liked the detail and there was no hint of sibilance which is nice.

Overall the sound on the DNA to me is just a mess, smatterings of bass that is flabby and can't perform, rattling of the casing and almost non existent mids make it nothing more than a can that keeps pace with sub £20 competition.

Monster DNA Headphone Review - CONCLUSION

Monster have recently been bringing out some decent products such as the Monster Inspiration and the Monster Gratitude earphones and we have of course always been fans of the original Monster Turbine IEM.  However, the Monster DNA headphones just seem like a return to the Beats by Dre Heaphonee style nonsense that the company produced before the split with the good doctor.  When you look at the Monster DNA next to something as outstanding as the Noontec Zoro's and consider that these cost considerably more one cannot help but wonder why a company as big as monster cable is continues to turn out such inferior products with such a large research budget.  Our recommendation?  Save your hard earned cash for something better... you deserve it.

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