Mule Team Canvas Company - The One Pack


Mule Team Canvas Company - The One Pack

We have had all manners of bags into the office here at Stozz but nothing quite like what the guys at Mule Team have sent our way.  This is an old school design with emphasis on both the material and the build quality.  The company have a modest set of offerings right now but we really like the direction they are going by designing a basic sturdy and durable pack that is built to last and is limited in customisation options only by your imagination.

The P.A.C.K - One Backpack is a traditional design, made out of super strong cotton canvas that looks as if its something out of the wild west era. Its a design that is built to take a beating and to be used well, especially in the outdoors.

Features include a fold over canvas pack meaning that when it is laid out it is twice the length of when it is on your back. Once you flip it open there are 3 compartments that you can use to divide your equipment on one of the inner portions there is one large pocket that is absolutely huge and just seemed to eat up all the gear we threw at it and on the other side there is a similar pouch but with stitching down the middle in order to make 2 isolated compartments. I myself am a big fan of having everything in its right place when in the outdoors and I would like to give you some idea of how I outfitted the pack on a recent trip to the highlands. Usually I use a military molle system 50L pack, literally pouches and modular items so I knew I would have to be a bit more clever if I was to take the P.A.C.K. In the main compartment went a set of dry clothes, my tarp to sleep under and various items from my cook kit. In the first smaller compartment went my medical pack as my stove, a book to read and redundancy knife/flashlight survival kit in a Maxpedition pouch. In the other compartment there was all my food, mainly MRE's and the like as well as a small coffee kit.....gotta have some coffee for those cold mornings. Now what about my fire kit and initial survival kit? well Mule team also sent me out one of their tin packer belt pouches which enabled me to carry 2 Altoid tins rammed full of goodies on my waist. I will go into more depth on this in the upcoming accessories and modification article we will be running next week.

Finally clipped onto the bottom of the shoulder straps I slipped on my czech army sleep roll and away I went. I must say it was an enjoyable weekend, traveling with just the essentials it really did feel like a pioneer like experience. Simple, light and comfortable.

Well when I got back I used the bag for a couple of other tasks just to try it out in a more urban environment and it copped well carrying laptops, gym gear etc and for the first time in my life I actually had someone ask where I got that from. It really does stand out from the crowd.


There really is not much more to say on the Mule Team backpack, its tough, customisable and is a refreshing step away from the often gaudy looking modern bag styles.  Mule team are making great stuff, from a great material that will last for years to come and they do so without charging an arm and a leg for the pleasure of using this very cool gear.