Music Monday: Tunes to try for the week!

Its Monday and its time to kick off our new piece brought to you by myself...and yourself.  Im calling it Music Mondays where I give some recommendations as well as posting up reader suggestions on what we should listen to in the coming week.  At the end of the day its the music that makes your headphones pop and so sit back, grab a download, fire up Spotify......or download...ummmm Tidal?..... No ok then maybe just be like everyone else not do the last one.


Album:  Deer Tick - Born on Flag Day


This Album is now 6 years old but holy hell does it hold up well.  The the vocals from lead singer McCauley are gritty yet gritty, nasal and harsh at the same time and yet the lyrics are some of the best I have heard in years.  The pacing is simply outstanding and as a collective piece I think its a master stroke.  Great care was taken in the mastering of the piece with the lead being a notorious stickler for detail... and there is a tonne of detail and inticracies just waiting for your headphones (or speakers) to pluck out if you pay attention.  Its a Country Folk style, not my usual thing, but its amazing none the less.

Album:  Infected Mushroom - Vicious Delicious


Infected Mushroom were basically made for making audio gear come alive.  This pair of DJ's are incredibly popular in the Psytrance scene but the release of vicious delicious saw them taking a new direction and blending in Rock and Rap as well as middle eastern and Flamenco influences. The whole album is a masterpiece with grand sweeps from left to right, ridiculous layering, insane bass slams and on standout track Artillery a cameo from Tribe rapper Q-Tip.  Whats most impressive though is how individual tracks seem to change into completely different songs whilst still holding together, theres no cookie cutter chorus-verse-chorus with these guys.


Standout Track:  Puscifer - M is for Milla (mix)


You might know Mila Jovovich as the hot as hell chick from 5th Element or the Resident Evil series, less people know that she is actually hell of a good artist as well.  For this song though she teamed up with Puscifer to make this slick cool and sexy gem of a track that I cant stop listening to.