Music Monday - Feelling Chilled

Best chillstep songs

Some days you might be feeling a little stressed out and with a load of reviews going live here this week plus general nonsense and having attended High End Expo in Munich last week I'm going with a chilled theme for this instalment of Music Monday.  Not to worry its not going to be all whale farts and pan pipes here, I'll be recommending a dose of chillstep for what ails ya.  The laid back, motivating vibed out and mellow genre derived from the ear smashing depths of Dubstep will be sure to mellow you out.  So time to download, rip or hell even torrent if thats your thing some of these standout tracks. 


Artist: Blackmill  

Album: Reach For Glory


Very little is known about the Artist known as Blackmill he seems to like to keep himself to himself but since going big time on youtube in 2011 he has set the bar for what many consider as the defining chillstep albums.  He's racked up millions of views on Youtube already but if you haven't heard him yet I strongly suggest getting the full album... I don't think there is even a bad track.


Album:  A world without (EP) 

Matt Preston, the man behind Phaeleh has made some incredible music in the past few years.  For a long time I had drifted away from electronica and was lured back with this chilled, laid back and immersive instrumental feast.  The music sounds incredible through some of my audio gear and has become a must listen to on any new gear I get.  Phaeleh has a tonne of good albums but the latest is one of the best.


Album: Angels


Crywolf hasnt been on the scene to long but in that time he has became one of the best Vocal Chillstep artists around.  A mix of super smooth riffs and vocals get intertwined with deep sub bass drops and high strung instrumentals.  One for summer or after a night out the hits just keep rolling right through this standout album.