This week on music Monday I want to talk about one of my favourite bands/djs/producers and that band is none other than Israeli standout group... Infected mushroom.  Infceted Mushroom have been masters of self evolution, so much so that the have left other bands that were competing in the same PscyTrance Genre for dust.  The Mushroom always seems to modernize itself finding ways to blend aspects of different genres such as rap and rock into its onslaught of synths and bass slams. Finding what is the best Infected Mushroom song is not easy, the duo have a huge back catalogue of work.  About 50% of the music is now a bit dated due to its early psytrance styling having largely passed.  So you want to know what the good tracks are? The creme de le crem? Well here you go.


Track:  Pletzturra

Album:  Converting Vegetarians

Track : Artillery 

Album: Vicious Delicious      


Track:  Psycho

Album:  The Gathering

Track:  Becoming Insane

Album:  Vicious Delicios