So it was my last night in Munich and I went out to grab a few shots of the city centre with the Sigma DP2 Merrill (used for shooting the 200MP image above).  As the light started to fall off I was packing up and saw a band starting to set up behind me.  One song in and You could tell this was something special as the members of Konnexion Balkon  set about building a crowd like I never before have seen.  It started with a few people displaying a passing interest and by the time it finished there must have been near on 1000 people smiling, singing and cheering.  It was an awesome end to the week where I witnessed some of the most awesome audio gear on the planet.  A fitting realisation that no matter how good our tech gets that its never going to be as fun or immersive as standing watching a group of guys absolutely shred and create a magic moment on a street corner.