oBravo Headphone's and Amp demoed at High End

Taiwanese company oBravo were on my hit list of stands to visit at this years show.  So far I had seen only pictures of the gorgeous looking HAMT-1 headphones with their squared off headband and wood inlayed cups.  When I finally got round to the booth it was packed with people enjoying their music from the wide range of gear on offer.   The companies lead man, with a smile on his face and real enthusiasm took me through the range explaining the subtleties and price points of each model before producing an AK240 DAP and letting me try out multiple sets. Impressions are of course from a crowded convention hall so no real critical listening could be done but here are some of my takeaways from what oBravo have to offer.  The lower models the HAM-T3 and HRB-3 sounded very good to begin with displaying some good detail and a prominence in bass. When I switched to the HAMT-1 however it was like stepping into another world, not that the T3 or HRB are bad but that the companies flagship are outstanding.  Rich vocal tones, full body sound, bass tamed and not a hint of sibilance made for a very very enjoyable yet brief listen.  The little headphone amp rounds off the set nicely with simple lines in and out and a manual volume control knob.

Hopefully I can do a full review and photoshoot with the HAMT-1, they have such potential from the build styling and sound that it might just be one of the headphones to get this year.

To find out more about oBravo feel free to check them out at www.obravoaudio.com.