Peacock Audio P1 Review - Micro Driver Earphones

Here we have a picture of the Peacock Audio P1 earphones in the rainbow color scheme. One of the most attractive earbuds we have reviewed in 2019.

There are now so many of these Chinese earphones in the universal monitor style that it’s going to take something unique to stand out from the crowd. In this review of the Peacock Audio P1, we might have found something that manages to do just that. The P1 is a unique looking earphone that sits in the lower mid-range of the earphone market but has many, many positives that make it an intriguing purchase for the right person.

What is the Peacock Audio P1?

The Peacock P1 is a handmade set of universal in-ear monitors. The company bucks the trend from many of these similar companies like Fearless Audio, KZ, CCA, etc. who go the route of cramming in as many drivers as possible. The Peacock instead opts for a single 7mm micro driver to produce their fun sound. What perhaps stands out most is how complete and correctly put together the whole product and package is.

The Packaging and Accessories

Peacock Audio P1 box
Peacock Audio P1 earphones

The box for the Peacock P1 earphones is very nice. A well made cardboard box with a small viewing window on the top where you can catch a glimpse of the earphones lurking inside. They keep it interesting as well when you get inside. The layers and accessories seem to be never-ending. You remove one item, and it leads you to a quote and another layer or box with even more extras. It’s a cool experience and bar the google translated chines inspirational quotes I enjoyed opening this one up.

So what do you get in the package? Well, it turns out a whole lot. Peacock hasn’t skipped a beat, and it is one of the most useful and coherent packages I have ever seen. You get tips, cables, cases and so on but perhaps its best to list everything that comes in the box:

  • 1x Set of Peacock P1 earphones

  • 1x two-pin braided cable

  • 1x two-pin Bluetooth cable with inline controls

  • 1x Leather carry case

  • 1x Folding Micro USB-USB

  • 2x Leather cable tidies

  • 4x Silicone tips

The packaging contains the typical context errors you usually find when Chinese earphone companies use a translation app as opposed to a real person.

The inclusion of a Bluetooth cable is appreciated. Especially for those who don’t want to buy an aftermarket one for an added cost. In my testing, it sounds good, runs for around 10 hours, and charges quickly. However, one fault is that the two-pin connector on the cable is designed for use on a recessed connector. In practice, it all still works fine, but I would like to have seen the plugs on the IEM’s to be recessed which gives some extra protection from corrosion through sweat etc.

The other miss here is the ear tips. The stock eartips are fine, but it would have been nice to have more options such as Comply foam, Spinfit, or Final E series. People are finally starting to realize what a difference useful tips can make, and it would have been nice to have these included out the box.

The wired cable is excellent. I’m quite sure at this point, having tested many Chifi products, that it is an off the shelf option, but that doesn’t make it any less good. It has a beautiful tight braid pattern and is fluid in motion while still resistant to tangles. I would, of course, preferred MMCX connections but that just selfish based on the many aftermarket cables I have in my collection.

The detachable braided cable with 2 pin connectors.

Build Quality and Styling

Peacock Audio P1 with the bluetooth cable attached.

Usually, I would start this section of the review off with talking about the build quality. But I think with how good looking these Rainbow Peacock P1 look; it’s only fair to start with the Aesthetic side of things.

The P1 is a beautiful looking little earphone. Its hydro dip style wave pattern set just under the acrylic layer catches the light just right, and they are a beautiful thing to look at. Sadly this is one of the cases where pictures will never do them justice as they look so good in real life.

If the rainbow patter isn’t to your liking, then you have the option of multiple different color and styles (10 at present count I believe).

Photo of the Peacock Audio P1.

The shell is a small acrylic formed housing with excellent ergonomics that makes the earphones perfect for all-day use. One of the reasons for this is that unlike other companies we mentioned above, the P1 are only using a single driver. This greatly reduces the size and weight of the IEM’s.

The Peacock P1 feels very well made. However, being made from acrylic, they will never have the strength of a metal housing, so be careful to avoid dropping or crushing them.

The ends of the nozzles have a metal filter which will help stop the build-up of ear wax on your earphones as opposed to an open channel system with the screen inside. The filters are not user-changeable, and there is no option to alter the sound with them (not that one would want to).

As mentioned above, the only issue I have with the design is purely preferential. I prefer the incorporation of an MMCX connector system as opposed to the somewhat dated two-pin design used here.

Comfort and Isolation

The Peacock P1 is up there with some of the most comfortable earphones I have tested. Not only is the housing small and light, but it has excellent ergonomic contouring and smooth edges. Insertion depth sits at a medium, and that will work well for a lot of people to balance noise reduction and comfort.

Speaking of noise reduction, I found during the process of this review that the P1 was a solid choice for people looking for a set of noise-isolating earphones. They are above average and offer a significant reduction in the amount of ambient noise I hear when commuting on the busy Metro System or even when out riding my motorcycle.

Sound Quality

Not only do the Peacock earphone look impressive the back that up with some great sound. It’s a V-shaped tuning with a higher emphasis on the low end and slightly put back midrange. They are fun and entertaining listen, and while not perfect for all genres, they are not boring sounding.

People will look at the single driver setup and wonder how it can compete with the Multi-BA IEM’s that are found at this price point. The key here is the Micro-Driver. A micro driver can produce a very unique and engaging sound and is used on one of my all-time favorite IEM’s the Yamaha EPH-100.

A picture of the Peacock Audio P1 earphones with the cables and eartips removed.

The bass - The bass has a right presence here, and it can deliver impactful and hard-hitting bass with a substantial amount of sub-bass extension. This makes the P1 sound great with anything like EDM, Jazz, etc. which tends to have a low core range. However, the volume of air moved is much less than with a big diaphragm driver. The impact from the P1 can undoubtedly be felt, and they are certainly suitable if you consider yourself a basshead. (Even though they are on the lighter side of that category and offer a whole lot more to the sound that solely bass).

The mids - The midrange is very smooth and clearly defined and floating in a black background separate from the other frequency groups. It sits slightly back from the midrange and treble but not as much as we commonly see on other v-shaped earphones. There is some warmth across this range as well, which helps with making them a fun and engaging listen, but it’s not overly emphasized to the point of sounding artificial. Vocals perform well as do most stringed instruments. They sound clear and detailed, but they are still no suited as a single earphone for listening to midrange forward music.

The highs - while these are undoubtedly v-shaped the top end whilst prominent is very smooth. High hats and other treble focussed notes are delivered with a crispness yet stays shy of sibilance. You definitely here them stand out from the midrange but I think that the lows still come up a little bit more than the top range. What this does, of course, is make them very good for electronic music which often runs from peaking high to large bass drops.

Soundstage displays above average width and depth. The combination of those clear highs, rumbly bass, and black background make for a very 3D sounding earphone that becomes even more immersive the more you listen to them.

Detail retrieval is good. However, it lacks the visceral qualities and unreal ability to reveal subtle nuances you get on the Tin Hifi P1 which comes in at a similar price point.

Overall, I loved the Peacock P1’s sound, and for the past week, they have been my go-to model for sessions in the gym. With some good old school techno and trance music, these sound incredible (Zyzz playlist of the gods).

Conclusion - Peacock Audio P1 Review

A picture of the faceplate design on these earphones as well as the side profile which shows the beautifully contoured ergonomic design that makes them comfortable to listen to all day.

The Peacock Audio is going to be the perfect set of earphones for a lot of people. They have a fantastic accessory set; the option to run them as Bluetooth earphones or with a standard cable and the sound is entertaining and engaging.

No, they aren’t a neutral earphone for purists, but that’s what makes them sound so good. Emphasized bass with a deep sub-bass response, a pitch-black background and an almost holographic 3D presentation make them stand out from the crowd.

For the RRP which is around $200 there aren’t too many earphones better in this type of tuning. Thumbs up from me and highly recommended.

The Peacock Audio is now available to by at Linsoul and Amazon.

Carry case for the Peacock earphones is made from black leather.
The eartip selection on the Peacock P1 earphones is somewhat limited with only 4 size options in one style which are shown in this picture.
One of our favourite inclusions in the Peacock Audio P1’s accessories was the inclusion of this 2 pin bluetooth cable that essentially turns you wired earphones into wireless.