Wireless MMCX earbuds? Purdio MX840 Review

The Purdio MX840 allows you to transform and wired MMCX headphone into a set of wireless earbuds.

I have a lot of MMCX earphones lying around. I have a lot of MMCX cables lying around. But what if I could use that MMCX connector and transform my wired earphones into wireless ones? That's exactly what the Purdio MX840 (Also known as the Purdio wireless deluxe MMCX cable at Odoyo)  looks to do, turn ordinary wired headphones into Bluetooth headphones. 

Purdio MMX840 Packaging and Accessories

The packaging on the MX840 is very impressive.  Good graphics, nice styling, high quality materials and plenty of usefull information about the earphones can be read off the box.  You get the usual marketing jargon but all the facts are on the back and plain to see.

The box is book style and opens up to display the Bluetooth unit in quite a stylish manner.  The sit surrounded buy custom cut packaging foam that is more than ample to protect them through transit.  

In terms of accessories there isn't really anything to talk about as the its such a simple product. You do however get a drawstring style carrying pouch and an instruction manual.

Purdio MX840 Build Qulity and Design.

Included accessiories and design of the Purdio MX840

The MX840 for all intents and purposes seem like a quality bit of kit. The cable is braided which helps to eliminate microphonics and it is also very resistant to tangling.  I was able to throw the earphones in a bag and then take them out without the frustration of dealing with spaghetti junction every time.

A couple of inches down from where you connect the MMCX earphones sits 2 very lightweight plastic parts (goog quality plastic as well) these parts are where the battery, Bluetooth receiver and inline controls are housed.  

Up at the business end of things you there is a wire-based cable guide wrapped in heat shrink that allows you to optimize the seating position of the earphones when worn over the ear.  I liked it they were easy to get into shape and barring any real persuasion would stay locked in place.  

Up at the tip of course you get the MMCX connection points which is where you plug in your MMCX equipped earbuds.  I tried this with plenty of different earphones and the connection was always done with a nice firm click.  The connectors are gold plated and do not feature an anti-swivel mechanism like of some Dunu cable models.

Purdio MX840 - Controls and Operation

The Purdio MX840 controls allow you to add call functionality to any MMCX headphone.

The MX840 are super easy to pair with my phone.  I simply did a long press when turning them on and then they popped up in my list of available devices to connect to. Pairing was instantaneous and withing a matter of seconds I had music playing from my device.

Controls are also super intuitive for anyone who has used an inline remote on a set of earbuds before.  You get three buttons, the typical play and volume up/down setups. These also double up with call functions and track skip/scan functionality as well.

Sometimes Bluetooth earphones with a similar design weigh unevenly but Purdio has made it that the MX840 are equally balanced so don't have that uncomfortable feeling of pulling down more on one ear over another.

Finally changing installing the earphones is super simple. Just pull off the wired cable from your MMCX enabled headphones and then push in the Purdio cable.  Super simple, quick and intuitive.

How to the Purdio MX840 sound?

The actual sound of the Purdio MX840 is, of course, going to be dictated by the type of earphones and IEM's you use them with.  But for the purpose of this review, I used the Campfire Audio Vega and Lyra (the original Lyra and not the newer Lyra II).  For the most part, both of these earphones sounded true to form but maybe a slight bit stunted when compared directly to using them with a standard cable.

The treble may have been a little hotter, the bass not as deep and the overall sound not quite as spacious but used with a high end set of headphones this setup sounded like the best wireless IEM's I have used to date.

However, there is one massive fatal flaw, one so big that I just simply cannot recommend anyone buy them.  

The majority of this review was done at home whilst sitting at my desk, phone in front of me earphones in.  I was very much digging what the MX840 had to offer. It was only when I took the earphones out for some real world testing did I realize they are completely useless in their current form.

It was only a few steps out the front door that I heard the first crackle from the earphones. This proceeded to get worse and worse as I walked down the street. Music being interrupted as the antenna struggled to keep up with the meager distance between my front leg jean pocket and my head.  

I tried the back pockets, I tried flipping the phone wrong way round in the pocket to shorten the distance but nothing seemed to work.  When I got home I tried changing out the phone (first with a Samsung Galaxy S8 and again with a Huawei P9) both were useless.

I then turned online to see if anyone else had had a similar issue and yes it seems that more than a few people have been having this exact same issue with the MX820.  So being someone who doesn't like having their music interrupted every few seconds with crackles and pops I am going to have to give a hard pass on the MX840 and advise you to do the same.

Purdio MX840 - Conclusion

After seeing so many things right with this product and sitting there thinking this is way more than a gimmick. In fact, I would probably have used this a lot had it not been for the fact that the Bluetooth signal strength sucked so bad.  

I'm not writing them off quite yet as I really like the concept and a lot of the implementation so if Purdio were to fix the Bluetooth issues I may change my mind but in its current form the MX840 simply do not work in the situations that many people would want to use them