Questyle Audio - Amps, DAP'S and DAC's equal a whole lot of fun!

The colourful and charismatic Bruce Ball was on hand at the Questyle Audio booth to keep me up to date with what the company had brought to the big show in Munich.  They had at hand a couple of stack units the CMA800i (DAC/AMP) and CMA800r (AMP) and  as well as a smaller desktop headphone amp the Q192.  The CMA 800 range are aluminium Chassis units and feel incredibly well put together, with simple yet functional styling.  The 800i is an all in one unit and comes with Wolfson's excellent WM8741 DAC unit as opposed to a Sabre ES chip and gives a lovely classic sound.  The 800r is a balanced headphone amplifier (current amplified as opposed to voltage) and little has been spared in its construction with a host of top components such as Dale resistors and WIMA Capacitors.   What I had my eye on though is Questyle's new Hi Res Player the QP1 and QP1r.  The new player has a host of features such as support for DSD 128k and 192k master files, Cirrus C4398 DAC chip and aluminium machined housing. The QP1 comes in both a silver and gold finish and of course there is that honking big click-wheel on the front to take us back to the days of a certain portable audio giant.  I had a go listening to the player out of the Sennheiser HD800 and Audeze EL-8 and was very impressed, enough so that if I can get my hands on one I will definitely be willing to do a full review on it.  To find out more about Questyle and their products click here.

As a side note: I cannot express enough how refreshing it was to have someone like Bruce on hand.  Instantly you could tell that this man just loves tech, from being drawn to my Blackberry to having a Moto 360 on his wrist and the way he spoke so enthusiastically about his products it made the booth a great place to visit and many others made similar comments on this to me throughout the show.