RHA MA350 Review - A Solid, Stylish budget earphone


In the past couple of years we have became huge fans of the Scottish based earphone manufacturers RHA. The companies MA750i and T10i are outstanding bits of kit and very hard to beat in their respective price points but what if your budget is a bit tighter? With a recently announced price drop on the RHA MA350 along with new design on the packaging its time for us to look at what these entry level earphones have to offer.

The RHA MA350 is a dynamic driver unit with a machined aluminium housing, thats a major plus when the majority of competition at this price are plastic. Strain reliefs are excellent, nice and long to prevent wear over time and the cable is a very nice tangle free, low micro phonic inducing cord affair.  Once again seems the cable seems very durable and behaves well after an initial period of break in. Again we see RHA’s outstanding 3 year warranty on the earphones just as the case with the MA350’s bigger brothers the MA750 and T10i. Its testament really to both the build quality as well as the companies faith that their earphones will withstand every day wear and tear.

Accessories are pretty much par for the course to the competition at this price point with just 3 silicone tips (of high quality) a shirt clip and a drawstring pouch being included which itself is lightly padded as opposed to the thin cloth you might find on similarly priced earphones. It’s nothing to write home about but given the price of the MA350 it’s perfectly acceptable.  The new packaging is a plus point and something that I am known for being slightly obssesed about and its nice to see that all the information about the earphones are on the outside making it easy for buyers in a store to know what they are getting.

Despite being made of metal the MA350 are surprisingly light and the shape of the earphone does well in allowing one to achieve a good seal and a medium insertation depth into the ear canal. Also, an advantage of the design is that it works perfectly well over ear as is my preferred style. Isolation is also good due to a combination of factors such as good tips, metal body and plug style housing design so these should be perfect for anyone looking for a low priced set of commuter earphones.

Sound quality is definitely consumer orientated offering up a sound that leans towards the bass end of the spectrum. The bass itself is sub bass intense and the RHA MA350 manages to easily achieve the lowest of low signatures presenting an admirable rumble. Its not on the epic level of clarity and rumble that the brilliant RHA T10i manages to achieve but the MA350 cost 5x less here in the UK. Mid bass is surprisingly good as well offering up adequate detail for enjoyment although not overly clear. Mids do get slightly bled into by the lower frequencies which to be honest, again given price and target audience, is expected. Still the mids do present nice warm tones especially in male vocals and were overall enjoyable to listen to. The top end or treble is fairly inoffensive with it being laid back and rolled off from the other frequencies, this is right inline with most consumer earphones and does well for most mainstream music such as pop, rap and hip hop.


What RHA seem to do better than anyone right now is to offer something for every price range but still maintaining a core to the design and product ethos.  Just like the MA750 and T10i the MA350 offers up solid all metal construction, smart and streamlined styling and a killer warranty it may be a stripped down version of its big brothers but yet again RHA manage to outweigh similarly priced competition by getting the basics right.  If you are looking for good build and a consumer sound signature the RHA MA350 are definitely worth checking out.