RHA T10i Audiophile IEM Launch Party @Loud & Clear + PONO

Pono Player with the RHA T10i Earphones

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]So tonight I had the opportunity to drive down to Glasgow and attend the listening party for RHA's new T10i headphones.  The team are all incredibly friendly and enthusiastic about the headphones they are producing. Emma has to be one of the most sincere and nicest PR people I have had the pleasure to deal with and I even got the chance to practice a bit of German.  I only had the chance to listen to a couple of songs on the T10i so will try and reserve thoughts on sound if I get a chance to put it through the full review process, on some Skrilex I can say it had a fun energetic sound and some really incredible sub bass. Build and styling are as usual with RHA incredible and the price looks to be real value. Amongst a sea of insanely cool products from speakers, amps and turntables there was another that stood out to me. One friendly american lady had a just the day before taken delivery of The Neil Young Pono Player and gave me a brief session with it.  As for the venue Loud and Clear is a gem of a shop with various listening rooms and all sorts of cool gear and certainly something to check out if you are ever in Glasgow. All in a good night and its great to see a company out of Scotland representing in the Audio game.

*Apologies for the quality of the pictures.  I left the Nikon (810) at home in place of a new RX100. Light was dim and everything was done handheld.