High End 2017 - RHA Goes Wireless

As anyone who has been using this site for the past few years will know, I am a huge fan of Glasgow-based earphone company RHA.  

RHA got huge fast and for good reason.  The companies no BS approach, slick design, great build and a price to performance ratio that makes competitors shake shines throughout their lineup. Now they have two new earphone models that are based on some old favorites. 

The RHA MA750 was one of the headphones I have had no problem in recommending. It sounds great, nice mids, good clarity and a punchy low end which are combined with striking industrial design and top class build quality.  Well now it comes with a wireless option and you have to think that this earphone is going to fly off the shelves.

The driver housings remain the same, ensuring the same standard of fit and comfort that users enjoyed from the original model but now the 2 earpieces are linked by a neck band that contains the battery and Bluetooth goodness. 

From seeing the press release pictures I thought it might have been heavy but when you get them in hand they are extremely light and very comfortable. They also retain that real premium feel that we have come to expect from RHA everything is well thought out and executed meticulously.

Controls worked just as you expect with volume and microphone options all available.  There is Aptx support for higher resolution streaming and battery life is around 12 hours. 

For those on a tighter budget, there is there is also a wireless MA650 which has all the same features but utilizes the MA600's housing.

I only played around with them for a few minutes so no reports on sound until we do a full review but I was told they tried to make them both sound as close as possible to their wired versions.

Priced at £149.95 GBP for the MA750 wireless and £99.95 for the MA600 wireless RHA prove again that they are very hard to beat when it comes to a combination of style, sound, and affordability.

If you want to find out more about the RHA wireless earphones click here.

Also at the booth this year was the DACamp L1 and relatively new CL1 Ceramic earphones.  I haven't got around to reviewing either of these but both are just incredibly impressive looking bits of kit.  The DACamp is built like a tank and offers a whole lot of gain and boost settings whilst the CL1 are things of beauty.