Rock Jaw Arcana V2 Review - Got Wood?... Earphones.

The Rock Jaw Arcana V2 is a wooden earphone featuring a braided cable and dynamic driver speaker unit.


Rock Jaw Arcana V2 Review - PREFACE

Rock Jaw are a relatively new company in headphones and earphones but one that has seen a lot of positivity surround them.  That should be because the company seems focussed on helping those that want good sounding headphones and earphones but without busting the bank to do so.  With that in mind today we conduct the Rock Jaw Arcana V2 review, its one of Rock Jaw's lowest priced models coming in at around £40 UK with an all wood and metal body.  It promises to be a great choice for those stepping u from bundled or £10 earphones and into something better.


Rock Jaw Arcana V2 - Packaging (7/10) 

For a budget earphone the packaging of the Rock Jaw Arcana V2 is just great.  I love the styling and the presentation of the package as a whole.  Theres plenty of packaging foam surrounding the earphones to keep them safe in transit. The Graphics, fonts and display window all make it an attractive set-up.  For the price this has to be one of the nicest on the UK market.

Rock Jaw Arcana V2 - Looks and Build Quality – (7/10)

I have a thing for wooden earphones and have owned plenty in my time.  My favourite of course has been the outstanding, but pricey, JVC FX700 which were of exceptional quality but I also enjoyed the budget focused Signature Acoustics C-12.  Wooden earphones can be hit and miss, excellent in the afore mentioned FX700 to downright dog**** in the Meze line of headphones.  Thankfully the company has smashed it out the park with the Rock Jaw Arcana V2 earphones by producing something that has all the hallmarks of a much higher end model.  The wood and metal is fitted together without any of the imperfections that seem to plague competitors and finish is impeccable. Strain reliefs are good and the cable is also one that I am familiar being similar to one that I praised on the Signature Accoustic’s SA-12 review due to low micro phonics and resistance to tangling.   One way to tell if a company believe’s in their products quality is how well they support it through warranty and Rockjaw is confident enough to offer a full 3 years, excellent.

Rock Jaw Arcana V2 - Fit (8/10)

Fit is of course designed to be worn with the cable straight down and due to the cable’s resistance to tangling those who like to wear the earphones over their ears had best look elsewhere.  That said, the included tips, while limited to a few sets were extremely good at creating a seal. The Rock Jaw Arcana V2 cable to housing connection point far enough receded along the chassis so as to allow deep or shallow insertion as is your personal preference.

Rock Jaw Arcana V2 - Sound Quality (7/10)

These are £40?  Ok! Well the sound is very good this price. The sound signature leans towards the warm side of things but not to the extent that you will find in most consumer headphones.  You can tell that they have been tuned to give people a taste of the finer side of audio.  Rock jaw Arcana V2 mids are smooth and lush doing a good job of portraying vocals and there were excellent levels of detail within this frequency range.  Highs were laid back and whilst they could do with a bump to slightly more prominent levels when it pertains to bringing out the details I expect that the type of person who would spend £40 still be impressed with its performance in the highs.  Lows are quite large and not too speedy when it comes to comparing it with the higher end stuff but once again one must look at the price of entry for the Arcana V2 and yet again they find themselves as on of the top choices.  Apart from the Sony MH1C or Zero’s Carbon Tenore there really isn’t a lot of competition out there at this price (unless the current Hifiman RE400 price drop stays in place), if you are in the UK and £40 is your limit I can think of a ton of ways to spend my money and get worse sound quality but many ways to spend that cash for better.

Rock Jaw Arcana V2 Review - CONCLUSION

So many companies have tried to put out earphones that are made of wood in the budget category and have most failed for a few reasons. The sound is usually too warm. The build is at times suspect at best and the overall package, usually, is just poor.  Rock Jaw though have managed to put together a well made earphone with an outstanding warranty and a sound that gives a nod to the higher end audio world whilst still being sufficiently fun to keep consumers interested.  As a total package I don’t think there is much out there that competes with the Rock Jaw Arcana V2 at £40.