Samsung Galaxy Player 4.2 Review

Samsung Galaxy Player review


The Samsung Galaxy Player - An Affordable Digital Audio Player (DAP)

The Galaxy series of players are usually just modified phones from the range with the same name, in the past they have been relatively ugly, now however we have the 4.2 S and it looks much more like a purpose built DAP.  Carrying the often highly touted Wolfson DAC Stozz-Audio now takes a look at what this android device has to offer. 

*Don't let the often sheep like stupidity over at head-fi fool you.  Modern day players out of the HP (Headphone) out are remarkably similar and the only usual areas where sound differs is hiss levels and Eq presentation.  That of course will not deride from the fact that many many users claim insane differences in sound proclaiming that there sound is massively more dynamic or, my personal favourite, analogue rolled off.

Samsung Galaxy Player - PACKAGING

Nice enough, comes in a white cardboard box and is more aimed at the standard consumer than audiophile premium customer.  This is in no ways a bad thing it is average but inoffensive.

Samsung Galaxy Player - ACCESSORIES

A ton of accessories came such as a charger and connection cable.  You get a set of pretty standard samsung IEMs which most premium users will look to set aside for use of their own preferred phones.  You also get a few cards with free trails from companies within the play store offering discounts on their apps. An 8gb micro SD card.  Finally there is 4 back plates with different designs to personalise your device.

Samsung Galaxy Player - BUILD QUALITY

Build quality is excellent.  Samsung uses the same plastic on the Galaxy S range of phones and it is of good quality.  Nothing really creaks and the device in the hand feels of very good quality.  Its not going to blow you away like an ipod but it is very nice none the less

Samsung Galazy Player - USABILITY AND FIRMWARE

Coming in with a version of Android Gingerbread compared to my Nexus 4 it does feel outdated but then again this is to be used as a dedicated music device so there really is no problem in using it with this version.  Most if not all music player apps run perfectly well with hardly any lag or the like and when compared to the locked in nature of dedicated UI systems on other players having android there to do other things with is very refreshing.

When using an android device I like to use SoundBest player, It is a player that I have found works very well with all my formats and is very intuitive.  Additionally the eq based off of a simple hearing test actually works very well im my experience, especially with balanced armature phones.  All major formats are supported here as are micro SD cards up to 64gb (tested).  

Other applications seem to work fine as long as they are not to graphic intensive and web browsing and the like is absolutely no problem.  I would rather keep the review based on the unit as a media player as I already have a far more powerful android device in my phone (Galaxy Nexus 4).

Samsung Galaxy Player - SOUND QUALITY 

The Galaxy 4.2 has very good sound quality as do most devices of this nature, gone are the days when there was vast differences between sound quality from major brands.

That being said the sound is pretty well balanced with just a hint of roll-off at the higher end.  The sound is not quite up there with a well amped ipod classic/video or with the Colorfly C3 straight out the HP out but in terms of competing with Cowon and Sony's it is perfectly adept and I would have no issue recommending it to anyone looking for a player with good sound whilst containing added features.  

Samsung Galaxy Player - BATTERY LIFE

Battery life is just fantastic, in tests of just straight music playback with the screen off playing Flac 55 hours was reached.  That is huge and if mixing up with mp3 should easily provide for a 1 week without a charge if used solely as an audio player.

Samsung Galaxy Player - CONCLUSION

As a pure audio player the Samsung is a good device providing good sound quality with great format support and outstanding battery life, given the price and expandable storage one has to wonder why people still bother with the current generation ipod touch.  Very few consumer Daps will sound much better and the added features such as Android OS Camera and WIFI can be a great advantage for those looking for an audio player with additional features.