Scaramanga Overlander Bag Review

Scaramanga Overlander Bag

Price:  £145     

Delivery Options:  International

Following on with our recent lifestyle section today we proudly bring you something  very special straight from a company based in our home country of beautiful Scotland.  Scaramanga are based out of the famous golf town of St Andrews are offer an absolutely stunning range of goods with a rustic old school feel to them.  We were sent a their medium sized overlander bag to take a look at to fit our daily carry needs.   Safe to say we have been utterly blown away at how good this bag is at any level but even more so when you take into account the ridiculously low price. Style and build quality

There is is nothing I could find wrong with the Overlander bag, honestly, leather is of very high quality, smells incredible and the distressing of the material has been done to absolute perfection.  There are scars and scuffs which really add to the character of the bag managing to help make each one its own unique and individual piece.  The stitching is strong and sturdy, double stitched all around in fact, which should see the bag last you for years and years.  Additionally all the buckles and handles are also of great quality and reinforced with double riveted to ensure that crucial strain points stand the test of time as well.  I can now say that I have had a fair bit of experience with leather goods over the past couple of years as well as having dabbled in hobby leather work myself and all the features that you would like to see are here and usually you could find yourself paying up to 3 times as much as Scaramanga are charging to get them.

The same well thought out and "doesn't miss a beat" ethos carries on with regards the design and layout of the bag.  Two things surprised me most when I started to use the Outlander.  Firstly the the amount of stuff I managed to fit inside on a weekend away to Germany  was amazing.  As you probably guessed I am a bit of a gadget freak so let me give you an example of what the Overland managed to swallow. 1 Microsoft tablet, 1 MacBook Air, 1 E-reader, 2 phones, wallet, travel documents, change of clothes, DSLR with two lenses, a notepad and pens,  a Dap, amp and DAC combo as well as my custom earphones, all the chargers for the above and a water bottle.

The best bit?  I still had  a little room to spare.

When you look at it at first you would have no idea that it can take that much gear.  The leather though while being tight enough to hold its shape is also forgiving enough to expand to accommodate  bulky and odd shaped items.

The second point that had surprised me about the Overlander bag was that its maybe one of the best bags I have seen in regards to pocket design.  The Scaramanga design team have produced an arrangement that fits perfectly in with the way I would wish to use the bag in real life.  On the outside you have 2 small button pouches either end and one large buckle pouch along the front of the bag.  Above the buckle pouch on the front sits a large zipper pouch perfect for travel document an wallets that one may need quick access to.  Just behind that is a large open top pouch which daily accommodated the E-reader and Surface tablet.  Then right behind that sits the main compartment inside of which lies yet another zipper compartment.  All in its an absolutely outstanding bag to use on the daily but damn near perfect for carry on purposes at the airport.

The handle as mentioned is very sturdily built and double riveted for extra protection and the same holds true on the shoulder strap.  We would mention that the only issue we had with the bag was that even at the shortest buckle loop we found the shoulder strap still to hung to low (and I am 6'2 so this would be even more an issue for a shorter person.)  No problem however as we added an extra hole using a leather punch, you could either do this yourself or nip into your local tailors/dressmakers and they will punch a hole out in about 2 seconds and usually won’t charge for the service.

Other than that minor issue the bag is just a brilliant old school design brought forward to fit a modern mans needs.


The Overlander is just one bag in the line but Scaramanga have a load of different bag and leather good options all at brilliant prices.  Prices that we have to say manage to put many of their competitors to shame, given the price and a real love for the overall design ethos at Scaramanga I wouldn’t think twice about recommending them over something like Saddleback.  Yes Saddleback has its own unique selling points but having possessed a few of them now there really is not much in it and certainly not when you consider the huge price jump.  What might be more interesting is that I haven't seen anything in recent years under £200 that I would recommend over the Scaramanga Overlander.

Another interesting thing about Scaramanga is that the company also offers a household goods and furniture line and after showing it to my partner it looks like a trip to St Andrews will be in order later in the year to furnish our new house.  All things considered we highly recommend Scaramanga to our readers and if you are a fan distressed and/or rustic feel goods the bags are excellent but they may end up being a gateway drug into something that consumes your whole household.

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