Best Sennheiser Headphones 2019 - Buyers Guide


Sennheiser Headphone buyers guide 2019

Sennheiser make a lot of headphones and to help out our readers we wanted to make this list of the best Sennheiser Headphones and offer our advice on the most suitable one for your b budget. Sennheiser are one of the most popular headphone companies on the planet and have headphones for audiophiles, musicians, gamers and everyone in between. They have some of the most reputable sound engineers working for them and have decades of experience in the headphone industry. So lets get on with the list and you can see what we recommend buying in 2019.

The Best Sennheiser Headphones

Sennheiser Headphones for Audiophiles

Sennheiser built its reputation in the music industry of the back of their professional equipment for music production but the audiophile community who are obsessed with sound quality have also became obsessed with their models and Sennheiser duly released a number of high end headphones to cater for the market.

In this section I want to list 2 of their best audiophile headphones but we should give a special mention to the incredible Sennheiser Orpheous. This legendary headphone is said to be one of the best sounding on the planet and was released in 2019, impossible to buy these are a true collectors item but the good news is that a couple of years ago Sennheiser made the next generation Orpheous and if you have a spare $50,000 dollars burning a hole in your pocket then why not have a look.

Now onto more affordable offerings in Sennheiser lineup:


Sennheiser HD820

The Sennheiser HD820 is an amazing headphone and was brought in as the new flagship over the HD800 S. The 800 were and still are to this day one of the best sounding headphones on the planet but the new model just take everything to another level. They are so good that I finally bit the bullet this year and bought a set for my own private use and as a reference point for measuring other headphones against.

These headphones are a closed back design even though many people will be fooled into thinking the are open back due to they dynamic driver being visible though a viewing window on each ear cup.

They are one of the most transparent sounding headphones I have ever tested and when paired with a good source they just produce a wonderful listening experience that is as true as it gets to the original recording. Soundstage is amassive and to be honest these sound far closer to speakers than most of the other headphones I tested over the past year.

Styling wise the HD820 are amazing. A futuristic ear cup design swept with black and silver accents. They look good on the head and they are equally comfortable with their spacious earcup design allowing the air to circulate feely.

Amazing headphones and expect a review in the coming months the only thing I would suggest is that they need an audiophile grade source equipment to get the most out of them.


Sennheiser HD660’s

Another Sennheiser headphone that I personally own and recommend is the new HD660s. It was the replacement for the ever popular HD650.

Honestly the 650 are still an amazing headphone and didn’t really need upgrading but I think the market felt that their aesthetic was a little long in the tooth. If you don’t have the funds for the 660s then the Sennheiser HD650 should be your first port of call.

The HD660 S are an open back design of a headphone designed to be used at home or in the office (provided you have your own room).

They are again just a beautiful headphone and one of the best value audiophile headphones on the market. Trust me when I say there are many $1000+ headphones that these can demolish.

They are incredibly comfortable thanks to the genourous ear pads and headband padding and they look the business. You can hook them up to your source device via a standard 3.5mm cable or balanced outputs and the HD660s are extremely to drive due to their low impedance rating.

Sennheiser Headphones for Musicians

Sennheiser have a number of headphones that are design to be used by musicians. In fact almost every music studio I have ever been in has a set of Sennheiser headphones lurking somewhere. Musicians trust Sennheiser headphones because of their impeccable track record for producing high quality gear that lasts forever.

Seriously I have a set of HD25 that I bought in 1999 that are still going today. The added bonus is that Sennheiser provide a lot of after sales service for their professional headphones with pads and other parts being readily available direct from the manufacturer.


Sennheiser HD-25

Its impossible to discuss Sennheiser Headphones without bringing up the legendary HD-25. These things are the tanks of the headphone world and no matter what you do to them they just seem to work. If they don’t just buy the broken part, swap it in and keep on going.

The HD-25 are a stable of the professional music industry and at one point were (and in many cases still are) on the heads of the worlds top Dj’s. They are reliable and robust but they have a clean and accurate sound that is fairly balanced right across the frequencies. Additionally this headphone is also famous for its isolation properties and you should know that they block out external noise extremely well.

Iconic looks and design the latest refresh of the original is great and it still keeps the essence of everything we love about this iconic headphone.

Review of the Sennheiser HD25 ii headphones.


Sennheiser HD206

If you are after a set of no frills cheap headphones for music production or monitoring then the HD206 are still one of the most reliable and well known models out there. They have been around forever and represent excellent value.

Performance is solid as they remain a balanced and neutral headphone that will allow you to work away without distraction. They are a closed back design so great for using in busy environments or to isolate yourself when working in the studio.

They are also widely available in electronics stores around the world and have and RRP of under $50.

For sure they aren’t the best looking of the companies headphones and they aren’t made from premium materials but they are a true workhorse if ever we saw the.

Best Sennheiser Headphones for Gamers

Sennheiser GP600

Again I might be a little bit bias because I actually own a set of GP600 gaming headphones but I really love this design. This is a serious bit of kit and unlike other gamin headsets I have owned in the past it rather understated.

Its a beast of a headphone with so many cool features it really enhance your gaming experience. Designed for professional gaming which can mean upwards of 12 days practicing the focus of the GP600 is comfort. To enhance that they have made the contact points of the earphones a suede like material to stop heat build up and yet they designed the outer rim of the pad to be leather to stop noise ingress.

The headband is another key point herewith a clever system to adjust contact pressure and ensure a more comfortable fit to a wider variety of head shapes.

The microphone is big and chunky and Sennheiser worked their magic to ensure it is one of the clearest sounding gaming headsets on the market.

Best Sennheiser In-Ear Headphones

Sennheiser IE40

Sennheiser know they needed to be competitive with Shure’s SE215 and Westone’s UM Pro 10 in ear monitors.

These sorts of earphones are used by professional musicians all around the world who don’t want to spend big morey on custom earphones but still want a set of workhorse IEM’s that can be used on and off stage.

The good news is they are more than just for professionals as they have very good sound for the money and excellent build quality.

They are extremely discretions and low profile with the cable over the ear design.

The cables are detachable and they are powered by a 10mm transducer with detailed rest slightly warmish sound.



The IE800s are the latest flagship earphones from Sennheiser designed for audiophiles and to give some stiff competition to Shure’s much lauded SE846. The original IE800 have been out for a few years but this new model takes the excellent Extra Wide Band (XWB) driver and refines them to a ridiculously high level.

Low distortion and zero bleed between the frequencies is a real highlight of the IE800 and then there is the bass which is big and impactful yet at the same time detailed and fast. These earbuds sound amazing with any genre of music and they are one of the most truly versatile earphones I have ever heard.

The only reason I don’t like them is because I think that there are alternatives in this price category such as the Shure’s or Campfire Audio’s Andromeda that outperform them and come with detachable cables. Still this is an excellent headphone and if you find them anywhere under the RRP of $999 then they are well worth buying.

Best Wireless Sennheiser Headphones.

Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 Wireless Headphones

The best consumer headphone that Sennheiser has is the Momentum 2.0 wireless and it is one of the most luxurious and tech filled offerings the company has had to date.

Bose and Sony still own the noise cancelling headphone market and for good reason but if you want something with a more premium build and excellent materials then the Momentum starts to make its case. I also think that it is one of the best looking noise canceling headphone on the market right now and has a very classy aesthetic to it.

Metal earcups and a leather clad headband really make them stand out and the premium look isn’t just for show these are seriously well made with some of the best build quality in our ANC headphone tests.

Feature wise they are stacked with Bluetooth 4.0, touch controls, NFC for immediate pairing and something we really love. They are foldable so great to travel with.

Sennheiser Momentum Review.


Sennheiser HD1 Wireless Earbuds

Again setting its sights on the premium end of the market the HD1 wireless stands head and shoulder above it competition in terms of build quality and material. A neckband set or earbuds the HD1 are design to have the connecting cable sit behind the neck and to do this Sennheiser wrapped it in black leather with red stitching. The just scream class.

There is lots of tech on the inside as you would expect such as NF for touch to pair, Bluetooth 4.1 with APTX support for higher resolution streaming and support for pairing to 2 devices at once.

Battery life is the only let down at around 10 hours in our tests but they do have the ability to quick charge and it takes just 1.5 hours to reach full power from empty.

Sound is very similar to the momentum earbuds is slightly warm and tuned with an extra bump in the bass and smoothed out treble. They make for a fun and easy to listen in-ear headphone the goes well with most types of music.