Shanling Audio - Great looking and sounding DAP's

Being underwhelmed with my extended listening with the AK380 over at Astell & Kern i wandered up the back of hall 3 to come across Shanling tucked away in a small corner they had there current line up of audiophile DAP's on display as well as a few prototypes of their up and coming models.  You could tell right away the players were well built they were very solid feeling and made of good materials.  The DAP comes with an unusual control wheel on the top right which took a couple of minutes to get used to but when I did I found myself flying through the menus.  Its a simple player but hooked up the the AKG headphones and my own custom IEM's from Minerva sounded absolutely fantastic.  The team at the Munich show were enthusiastic and friendly and also let me check out the early prototype of the upcoming model which looks to refine parts of the hardware as well as the software.  A very interesting player its one I look forward to testing further.  The H3 amp that the company had on display was also very interesting feature a ES sabre unit for the DAC section and an OPA2134 for the amp component. It has a nice recessed volume control on top and again was very well built.