Shuoer H27 Earphone Review

Shuoer H27 Earphone Review

Shuoer is another Chifi company but there may be more to them than that as it is suspected they are a direct brand from the company who manufacturers a lot of this 2019 wave of budget earphones. So far the company has two products released to market with the Tape which we will be reviewing in the coming weeks and the Shuoer H27 that we will be reviewing today. The H27 is a hybrid earphone with dual balanced armature drivers to handle the highs and mids and a dynamic driver with which to handle the low end.

Packaging and Accessories

Shuoer H27 Earphone Review

The packaging for the Shuoer H27 is refreshingly different with a ca cylindrical box in bright orange and surrounded by piano keys at the bottom. Its a nice change from the standard KZ style box we have gotten used to seeing on these Chinese IEM’s of late.

Shuoer H27 Earphone Review

When you pop the top you find only the H27 earbuds sitting set in a foam disc. They are very well protected and whilst it’s a simple design we like the clean lines of the presentation. When you remove the foam top you see that underneath is the carry case inside which you will find the accessories.

The carry case is a really nice metal UFO disk shape. It’s rock-solid and is great for keeping the earphones safe in transit. However, it is a twist top design and can be fiddly to open due to the smooth surface preventing you from getting a good grip on it.

The eartips are as pathetic as we have ever seen and they are the only extras included in the box other than the case. You get one type of silicone tips that come in a small, medium and large size. There are no foam or spinfit tips included and the stock tips are so smooth it was hard to get a good seal every time. The good news is you can easily switch over to some Final E series tips but it would be nice to have options included in the package.

The cable is actually quite nice. Very well constructed silver cable that matches the aesthetics of the IEM’s. Its a 2 cord twist braid from top to bottom and terminated in MMCX at the top and traditional 3.5mm at the bottom. The hardware used is all metal with adequate strain reliefs. The jack is terminated at a right angle and the ear side has some inbuilt memory wire to help to facilitate wearing them over the ear.

Microphonics are low on the cable but we did find that it was prone to retaining a lot of memory. Fortunately, this did not result in tangling and in that regard performance was very good.

Build Quality and Styling

Shuoer H27 Earphone Review

There is nothing over the top or shouty about the design of the H27. It’s a very simple earphone that is also very well made. It has a small and ergonomically friendly housing with smooth edges and excellent build quality.

The body is entirely made from metal. Its a 3 piece construction with the main body (housing), faceplate and nozzle. It has a premium feel to it and they feel like they would be indestructible. The grill on the end is also made out of metal and this will help prevent the ingress of dust and earwax over time.

Shuoer has opted to go with an MMCX connector instead of 2 pin and that is something I really like as I feel it is one less area where something can go wrong over long term use.

Refreshingly the earphones have nothing in the way of branding. The faceplate is just a subtle parallel line design. Nothing flashy and nothing over the top. The only text on the earphones is the model number designations on top of the earpieces.

Comfort and Isolation

Shuoer H27 Earphone Review

The Shuoer H27 again scores highly when it comes to comfort and isolation. The small size of the body and the smooth lines mean that they cause zero irritation to the ears and the metal body adds a sort of cooling effect when plastics can be a bit more irritating.

The insertion depth is very slightly past medium and with a set of final audio tips on they sit great in the ear. This insertion depth and the dense metal construction also make them great at isolating you from external noise so they are perfect for commuting or using in noisy environments.

Sound Quality

Shuoer H27 Earphone Review

Wow. These are a testament to just how far we have come in the past year that an earphone that sells for around $100 can sound this good. With the right music, this is an outstanding earphone.

It’s a bass prominent earphone yet its ability to impress does not solely exist in that area. Its low end is emphasized yet not at the expense of the other frequencies which remain rich will detail and clarity. It’s not neutral but it has a huge soundstage and musical presence to it. This is amazing fun to listen to.

The highs - Clear with the excellent extension there just seems to be such an abundance of space and clarity there that it opens up the whole soundstage. Despite this crispness, they are not sibilant and sit right in line with midrange vocals as opposed to being on top of them.

Shuoer H27 Earphone Review

The mids - slightly warm leaning but packed full of detail and speed. These resolve the midranges brilliantly with vocals and strings both benefiting from the clarity. Vocals are most impressive especially female vocals that compliment well into the upper mid and high frequencies. Still, the male vocals are well balanced and carry weight balanced by a hard-hitting low end. Strings have space to decay naturally and the tail off is natural as opposed to abrupt and jarring.

Lows- The low end is amazing. Certainly the highlight of the whole earphone yet I don’t want this review to come off that the H27 are a bass-head only earphone. They have the ability to hit hard and be impactful. They are not the fastest low-end drivers I have heard but the ability to balance texture and sub-bass impact is impressive. The midrange is so clearly defined that there is zero swamping of the mids via bleeding.

Genre-wise they are definitely more suitable to EDM, Rap, Hip-hop and pop. Other genres such as classical and rock don’t really benefit from the overemphasized low ends that these deliver but the aforementioned genres certainly do. A perfect example of the perfect song for the Shuoer H27 would be Mr. Bill -Router off the Focus album. Spacious, Impactful and engaging.


Shuoer H27 Earphone Review

If you are into your bass prominent music and like a crazy amount of soundstage then these are truly great earphones. I’m going to go as far as saying I prefer them over the TFZ No.3 because they have the ability to impact so well yet the resolve far more detail and clarity in the higher ranges. It’s not versatile enough to excel in classical and rock genres although it does do a good job I think if those are what you predominantly listen to I would look elsewhere. However, if you have around 100 bucks to spend and want an amazing sounding set of earphones with great build quality these are one of my go-to options right now.