Techmoan: Geek out to older audio gear!

There are very few audio review sites or youtube channels that I bother making time to read and view.  Mainly this is due to trying to keep it impartial and not form an impression about how something sounds before I review it.  The other reason is that its usually pure filler material brought up by cnet, or some other niche review sites that I believe serve manufacturers more than us hobbyists.  There are, for me, 2 exceptions, 2 places I read and watch for pure pleasure.  Firstly, I have been a long, long time reader of Tyll Herstens Inner Fidelity website and while I don't take everything Tyll says as gospel his incredibly in depth presentation make his site worthy reading.  The other resource for me, for pure enjoyment, is actually a rather obscure youtube channel named Techmoan.

I was first introduced to Techmoan way back in 2011/2012 when searching for some super cheap camcorders to film a 1 month motorcycle trip through GOA and the Up to the Himalaya's and through the Rhotang Pass on classic Royal Enfield motorbikes.  We camped for over 2 weeks solid and given the living conditions were not wanting to risk expensive gear we settled on taking 5 of these 808 keychain cameras.  No doubt without the help of the Techmoan channel we would have ended up filming nothing but pure garbage.  

You see the channel is incredibly popular amongst people looking to find the best action and dash camera's at the cheapest price possible. His reviews go into some extreme depth and have the added benefit of being ultra easy to understand for lay folk.  Well, you probably didn't come to a portable audio review site to find out about action cameras so heres the point.  A while back, Techmoan started to throw some of his time into showcasing some of his other hobbies. It turns out one of those hobbies is audio gear.  In particular vintage and often obscure audio hardware. In these few video's the geek in me has been hooked as I get to watch him break down all aspects of audio gear I either never knew existed or was too young to remember. Sure you probably aren't going to rush out and buy any of this gear but there is something strangely fascinating about seeing these old products brought back to light and given a thorough once over.

I have included 2 of the my favourite videos here but definitely go and check out his channel as even though the audio stuff comes along pretty infrequently (Its getting more frequent though) it is still great to watch for any audio nerd and enthusiast similar to myself. 

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